Essential Skills for Negotiation towards Win-Win Deal training centre in Bangladesh


Essential Skills for Negotiation towards Win-Win Deal


Negotiation is an integral part of an individual as well as organization irrespective of its legal form. Starting from the negotiation with mom-dad, negotiation skills is a must-know intelligence in dealing among different countries. Someone wins to the extent he negotiates. Mid and Senior Management team members need to deal with their counterpart to enter commercial transactions. If effective techniques are not applied in negotiation process, it is obvious to face financial and non-financial losses. Sometimes such loss carries long term effect leading to irreparable damages. Again, proven strategies are to be engaged to keep the window open to enter into deals with the other party in future. Hence, matured and tested acumen are essential for win-win negotiation. Interestingly, a smart negotiator doesn’t take the same approach to each situation. For this reason, overall situation is to be evaluated to find a sustainable solution.
On successful completion of the Workshop course, participants will develop expertise in the areas of Negotiation. This course will groom the participants to attend different stages of negotiation process with enormous confidence.


Case study, Question answer session and discussion on real life issues.

Contents of Training:

✔ Negotiation and its importance
✔ Application of right negotiation strategies to achieve goals
✔ Different steps at each stage, deal dynamics, BATNA impacts negotiation
✔ Negotiation and bargaining
✔ Ethics in negotiation
✔ DOs and Don’ts in negotiation, dealing with difficult people in negotiation

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Executives/ Managers of all departments especially those who are expected to deal with suppliers, principals, customers, workers, lenders i.e. all internal and external stakeholders. This course will enable the participants to protect own interest during negotiation with other party without indulging sustainability of business.

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