Industrial Relation (IR)-It’s Laws & Industrial Practices training centre in Bangladesh


Industrial Relation (IR)-It’s Laws & Industrial Practices

  • Date : 18 - 19 November 2022
  • Duration : Morning(9.30 AM-12.30 PM)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 2 Sessions
  • Class Schedule : Friday & Saturday
  • Total Hours : 6
  • Last Date of Registration : 17 November, 2022 ( within 5pm )
  • Venue : Online Virtual
  • Certificate will be provied within 10 working days after successfully completion of the training


Industrial Relation (IR) is essential to build and maintain a good relationship between the employers and the workers in the workplace. Good industrial relations increase the morale of the workers and motivate the workers to work more. These all bring job satisfaction to the workers and they all put positive effects on the production. IR is the key compliance audit evaluation issue also. Its regulated by applicable laws, regulations, standards & Buyer’s CoC. Lack of proper personnel knowledge makes this implementation obstructed. So, personnel training on IR are the pre-requirement to ensure proper implementation of IR within the organization. The course explains the rights and responsibilities of the employers and the workers in order to enhance a better interaction and the cooperation in the workplace.
Course objectives:
After the successful completion of this course, participants will
 get an overview of scope of industrial relations
 understand the rights and responsibilities of employers and workers
 understand the importance and benefits of good workplace cooperation and interaction between workers and employers
 understand the key requirement for compliance audit
 understand labor dispute settlement mechanisms
 understand the implementation of IR within the organization
 make competent auditee on IR


Live screen sharing, Q/A session

Contents of Training:

 Welcome & introduction
 Course objectives analysis
 An Exclusive video clips
 Definition & clarification of IR
 Rights & responsibilities of employer
 Rights & responsibilities of workers
 Analysis of legal & regulatory issues on IR
 An Exclusive video clips
 Needs & expectations of employer
 Needs & expectations of workers
 Labor dispute settlement
 An Exclusive video clips
 Participation Committee (PC)
 Labor Management Relation
 Key roles of employer to implement IR
 Key roles to workers to implement IR
 IR related social auditing issues
 Closing the session

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Target participants:
 Manager/Officer-Compliance
 Manager/Officer-HR & admin
 Welfare officer
 Participation Committee members
 Supervisors
 Anyone who feels interest to learn the IR issues

Resource Person

Md. Abdur Rahman

Social & Technical Compliance Specialist

Mohammad Abdur Rahman served Compliance Sector for last 16 years in total 6(Six) renowned organizations in Bangladesh. Currently, He is the Managing Director & Facilitator of Compliance Training (BD) Limited & Managing Director & Consultant of “Compliance Consulting (BD) Limited’. He obtained B.Sc. (Honors), M.Sc. degree from Dhaka College, Dhaka under National University in 2000. PMBA (HRM) in 2014 from BIHRM and Post Graduate Diploma on HRM in 2011 from BIMS. He has a vast knowledge of conducting hands on compliance audit & consulting in compliance organization. He has attended in many Trainings & Conference on Compliance Management accordingly. He has completed the Internal Auditor Course on ISO 9001:2015 (QMS), ISO 14001:2015 (EMS), ISO 45001:2018 (OHSMS), ISO 22000 (FSSC 22000), SA 8000 Standards & so on. Mohammad Abdur Rahman has successfully completed IRCA Approved 5 Days Lead Auditor Course on ISO 9001:2015 (QMS), ISO 14001:2015(EMS) & ISO 45001:2018 (OHSMS). He is the approved auditor of IRCA on QMS, EMS & OHSMS. Now, He is the approved Tutor/Auditor/Technical Expertise of SGS Bangladesh Limited.

Mohammad Abdur Rahman has established two organizations on compliance management named ‘Compliance Training (BD) Limited’ & consulting firm named ‘Compliance Consulting (BD) Limited’. He is the founder/Managing Director of both two organizations. He has been conducting training on Compliance Management, Human Resource Management, Administration, Labor Laws & Labor Rules, Soft Skill Development, International Compliance Standards etc. in different renowned organizations in Bangladesh including his organization Compliance Training (BD) Limited.

He is the 5 Days Social Compliance trainer in General HR-Social Compliance & Industrial Compliance Training in Industrial Management Faculty in SCITI, SCIC, Uttara, Dhaka. He is the 2 days Labor Law & Labor Rules Trainer in SGS Bangladesh Limited. He has trained over 5,000 new entrepreneurs, HR & Compliance Professionals, business owners, Foreigners, technical and management experts and still counting in.

Mohammad Abdur Rahman is the writer of Compliance Series Books which are the first time in Bangladesh. He has 7(Seven) books in compliance market now named (1) Social Compliance (Bangla Version) (2) Social Compliance In Home & Abroad (English Version) (3) Compliance Audit (Bangla Version), (4) SA 8000 Standard (Bangla Version) & (5) Karkhana Manob Sompod Bebosthapona (Bangla Version) (6) ISO 14001:2015 (EMS) & Audit (Bangla Version) & (7) ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) & Audit (Bangla Version).

Live screen sharing, Q/A session

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