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Customer Service Excellence


Customer service is important to an organization because it is a significant contact point & competitive differentiator. The main purpose of the customer service is to retain the customer & creating customer loyalty for the organizational goal. Customer Service Representatives are the front liners of every business. They interact with customers on behalf of the organization.

Customer service skills means representatives are professionals, and can communicate effectively. People that have a positive experience with a company's customer service department will likely tell two or three others about their experience, according to Consumer Affairs website. Therefore, quality customer service can be a source of promotion for organizations. Contrarily, 86% of respondents said that they would leave an organization that treated them poorly. Eight out of 10 people say that customer service can influence their choice of brand.

Customer Service Representatives who constantly deal with customers need to possess certain qualities to meet customers expectation. The customers are constantly internalizing their customer service experience & grading customer service during each interaction. Customer service excellence is meeting and exceeding the customers` expectation for maintaining sustainable positive customer experience and profits for the organization.

When customers see Customer Service Representatives are being proactive, or taking immediate action to ensure their satisfaction, they consider this a positive experience. The research shows that over 90% of customers consider taking ownership as the primary factor in WOW customer experience.

Course Objective:
This training focuses on comprehensive skills and knowledge necessary for maintaining customer service standard within the organization. Course content covers guidelines, processes and tools to develop customer-centric approach for becoming a successful customer service representative.

Training outcome:
After successful completion of the training the participants will be able to:
# Learn the root skills to generate outstanding customer experiences.
# Ensure more consistent positive customer interactions.
# Maintain service standards align with organizational goal.
# Increase loyal customers.
# Create customer centric culture.


Interactive Lecture, Video clips, Role Play, Practical exercise, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

1. Understanding of Customer service & Customer.
# Importance of customer service.
# Type of customers & handling process. Customer Personality & sales perspective)

# Call Center terminology & KPIs

2. Call handling process.
# Components of a Call (Tangible components, In-tangible components, 4 Steps of Inbound Call)
# Call Etiquettes (Small Talk, Hold Technique, Call Transfer)

3. Dealing with Difficult Behavior/Customer Complaint Handling.
# 3 A process. (Acknowledge, Assess, Address)
# Tips for handling customer complaint effectively.

4. Effective Communication skill
# The Art and Science of Asking Questions.
# How to Listen to Customers.
# Written Communication

5. The Language Of Outstanding Customer Service.
# Using Positive Words.
# Eliminate Negative Words

6. Top Attributes of a Successful CSR /Skills for Customer Service.

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Soft Skills
• Customer service representatives.
• Retail sales associates.
• Individuals who want to develop career in Customer service.
• Legal, Accounting, Engineering and other professional occupations.
• Technical support and help desk agents.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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