Managing Your Way thru Uncertainty - YES, WE CAN! training centre in Bangladesh


Managing Your Way thru Uncertainty - YES, WE CAN!


We live in uncertain times. It is difficult to accurately predict the shape of things, people or macro economic realities ahead of us.

And yet, each day increases the expectations our stakeholders have from each of us as we manage the work in our roles.

It is thus important to know how to read the road ahead, how to plan and how to respond when plans fail.

As managers, our teams and brands look up to us in uncertain times.

Do you have the techniques and skills to manage uncertainty?

The program adapts to the needs and challenges of a company professional in an increasingly more global environment. The program entails a considerable investment of time / effort both at personal and company level and helps managers to:
# Develop a global and integrated overview of the company.
# Provide know-how and tools on company management in the new global economy.
# Revise attitudes of leadership, teamwork and personal commitment with the mission of the company and its long-term targets.
# Achieve an ability to reason in a much more detailed, profound and complete way from a business viewpoint.
# Accentuate the capacity of acting with a results-oriented business mentality, but also directed at the development of people, the company and society.


Individual Exercise, Group Tasks, Role Plays, Case Analysis, AV media, Instructor Led Discussions.

Contents of Training:

1. Overview of uncertainty

2. Implications of not managing uncertainty

3. Process to assess uncertainty in my role

4. Techniques to manage uncertainty

5. Key Qualities needed to manager uncertainty

6. Self assessment : Psychometric tools

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Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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