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You Can Negotiate Anything - WINING WAYS!


Negotiation is essential in corporates to avoid conflicts and improve the relations among the employees. Don`t be too rigid and adamant in the office.

Why is negotiation so important at our workplace?

The process of negotiation starts the moment an employee gets a selection call from an organization. It is essential that the individual responsible for hiring employees negotiates well with the candidate and offers him the best salary. Every organization runs for earning profits.

Negotiation style plays an important role in corporates. The mantra is - Do not offer anything exceptionally high or low.

Negotiation is also important when you are dealing with vendors. An organization needs money to survive and take care of the employees as well. It can`t afford to spend money as it is. A single penny saved will help you and the organization later. The person dealing with the external parties must be a good negotiator else he will end up paying more amount than required.

It is important to understand how to communicate key aspects of negotiation. What should be communicated verbally, what should be documented. Do non verbal gestures / signals communicate anything during key negotiations?

One should also learn to negotiate with one`s superiors. Remember negotiation does not mean you have to shout on others, you need to be polite. How should one negotiate with seniors is key to career growth. One wrong step could finish off budding careers. Thus, how to say NO to a boss without ruffling feathers is important.

Conflict resolution plays a key role during negotiations. Handling / managing conflicts with maturity and experience usually makes or breaks brands and careers.

Learning outcomes:
# learn a proven negotiating process, methodology, strategies, tactics, and secret phrases to apply to every negotiation.
# learn how to properly and effectively prepare and plan for every negotiation ** whether basic or advanced.
# improve business results, outcomes, and profitability.
# reduce unnecessary compromise and needless price discounting.
# improve organizational and personal performance.
# begin to negotiate more effectively with customers, suppliers, contractors, friends, colleagues, and even family members.
# learn several powerful negotiating tips, easy-to-use techniques, and magic phrases to improve outcomes in business and personal negotiations.
# learn how to say


Individual Exercise, Group Tasks, Role Plays, Case Analysis, AV media, Instructor Led Discussions.

Contents of Training:

1. Overview on Negotiations

2. Explain the basic types of negotiations

3. Learn the phases of negotiations & gain the skills necessary for successfully negotiating

4. Apply basic negotiating concepts (WATNA, BATNA, WAP & ZOPA)

5. Lay the groundwork for negotiation

6. Identify what information to share & what information to keep to your self

7. Master basic bargaining techniques

8. Apply strategies for identifying mutual gain

9. Demonstrate how to reach a consensus & set the terms of agreement

10. Deal with personal attacks & other difficult issues

11. Identifying Dirty Tricks of negotiations

12. Assessing own natural negotiation style / other styles

13. Apply the negotiating process to solve everyday problems
• Customer Facing Sales
• Customer Facing Service
• Team Leads
• Middle Management
• Heads of Department
• Professional Buyers
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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