From Facebook to Viral Marketing: How to use New Media for your Brands training centre in Bangladesh


From Facebook to Viral Marketing: How to use New Media for your Brands


Everyone knows new media like Facebook, blogs, Internet, Viral are the future, but none knows how to use it. This training will tell you how.
First of all, media planning and advertising as we know doesn't exist anymore.
Gone are the days when a 24 column-inch press ad and a 30 second TV spot is a guarantee for brand success. Media is getting cluttered. TV channels and press spots are getting more and more expensive by the hour. Magazine readership is low. Billboards are just a boring reminder in a cluttered city landscape. Executives don't have time to read or watch TV. Youth are spending more time outside. Housewives are busy watching satellite channels. Rural people are in a media dark area.
Face it. Its not getting any easier. You don't have the money thanks to recession. To top it off, no one really cares about your ad.
On the backdrop of such a situation, we find a host of new media opportunities opening up. These new media is exciting as well as effective. And the brands who can ride these new media opportunities well, can find themselves miles ahead is the brand race.


1.PowerpointPresentaion 2.Group Work 3.Group Presentation

Contents of Training:

What will participants know from this training
  1. What do we mean by “New Media”
  2. What are the new media opportunities present in Bangladesh
  3. The myths of existing media strategy and how its proving to be ineffective
  4. The role of Internet and Social networking in Bangladesh
  5. How we can use public relations (PR) more effectively
  6. How to do an effective viral marketing and reach millions of people instantly
  7. What is ambient media and how we can use it effectively
  8. 7 ways how to ensure proper return on investment on your media budget
  9. Blogging: Is this the solution corporate houses were waiting for?
  10. Transition from old media to new media
  11. Captive marketing and how to exploit it
  12. Examples and case studies of new media from across the globe
How is this training different
  1. This is a training that is made for Bangladeshi business people with Bangladeshi examples in Bangladeshi context
  2. This is the first of its kind training on “New Media”
  3. No jargon and theory is used, only practical solutions that anyone can implement
  4. The participants will actually know how to implement the ideas learned through small group and individual assignments and tasks
  5. No lecturing, only “Learning by doing” method

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Anyone who currently owns a business in Bangladesh, be it small, medium or large, or plan to have a business any time in near future can greatly benefit from this training. Also people who want to build careers in marketing, can benefit from this training
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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