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CSR, Supply Chain Management and Social Audits


CSR is today`s buzzword for industries and corporations. To many, it sounds synonymous to magnanimity, to others it represents corporate philanthropy. To many others yet, it represents charity.

CSR today is perceived in a manner 7 blind people tried to figure out the shape of an elephant - as described in popular tales.

Whatever differences are there in the perception of CSR, one unanimous aspect is visible, related to CSR ¡V which is, every business house today feels that it should do something about CSR.


There will be multimedia presentations, discussions, group workshops and presentations by participants.

Contents of Training:

This course provides the basic learning that enables participants to understand:

01. What is CSR and how it is different from charity, magnanimity, and corporate philanthropy.

02. How it is to be dealt with using technical tools rather than generosity and philanthropy.

03. How it needs to be ingrained in each levels of the enterprise ¡V from the strategy to the tactical KPIs.

In today¡¦s unique global market, a long and complex supply chain makes CSR a difficult proposition. A retailer in North America is probably un-aware that some part of the product that it is delivering to its customers have come from an unknown village of Bangladesh (e.g. hand-stitches on a branded pair of shoes), where the worker toiled in inhuman condition, and in return got paid that supported only half of her Basic Needs.

Or it could have come from a village in another country, where children aged 12 are working for 16 hours a day to produce hand made soccer balls.

Does the retailer in North America sustain child labour and exploitation of workers by maintaining status quo on this supply chain? This is a very basic question in need of good answers.

Indeed, the very mechanism in which today¡¦s commodities get produced and get transferred for the eventual consumption, itself is posing a huge Reputational Risk to enterprises.

Hence, CSR and Supply Chain Management has to go hand in hand, enabling enterprises manage their strategic performance.

This course presents a model for CSR supply chain management based upon best practice derived from a variety of different sources including:

ľ the UK Ethical Trading Initiative
ľ SA8000
ľ Bureau Veritas auditing clients.

The aspect of Social Audit is covered in this course adequately so that the monitoring of the supply chain for adherence to the acceptable CSR performance is possible.

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Industry Owners
Industry Managers
NGOs and Social Activists
Third party managers and auditors
Compliance Managers of RMG Industries and Textiles
Compliance Managers of any industry with Foreign Exports
Students in related fields
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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