Cost Effective Procurement Practice in Private Organization training centre in Bangladesh


Cost Effective Procurement Practice in Private Organization


This course is sketched to provide a sharp understanding about procurement management skills regarding Procurement methods, Tendering process, Contract Management, Procurement Complain and Audit issues in public and private sector in Bangladesh point of view. Keeping pace with that it will provide participants with clear idea on effective tools and techniques essential for acquiring goods, works and services with cost minimization to ensure best value for money and establish the accountability and transparency in Procurement process.

Main Purpose
The purpose of the training on Procurement Management is to increase participants` skills on the issues that are challenging for day to day effective procurement. Besides this course is sufficient to provide an insight knowledge regarding the potential procurement risk management. It is expected that after completion of the training the participants would be able to conduct a complete procurement process minimizing cost in organization.


A combination of training methods like Lecture, Discussion, Interactive Participation, Case Study, Presentation and Demonstration will be used.

Contents of Training:

Structuring Procurement Policy
 Define Policy, concept of Procurement Policy, steps to formulate cost effective procurement policy in an organization.
 Principles of Procurement for cost minimization
 Procurement Policy for cost minimization
 Procurement Policy structuring considering cost related to Financial Delegation, Categorization, Level of Procurement, Feedback analysis, Auditing etc.

Procurement Process and Approval Procedure( National and International Tendering)
 Procurement Plan
 Specification
 Methods
 Committee formation
 Bidding Document Preparation
 Advertisement
 Dropping and Opening
 Evaluation
 Approval
 Contract Agreement
 Completion
 Site/ Supply acceptance
 Final Payment
 Return of PS/ RM

Procurement Method Selection
 Comparative analysis of procurement methods
 Criteria for selecting method for Goods, Works and Services

Procurement Filing Process and Procedure
 Initial noting
 Complete noting format for whole procurement process

Procurement complain
 Who can complain
 Right to complain
 Grounds of complain
 No right to complain
 Level of complain, Mitigation of complain: amicable settlement, adjudication review panel, arbitration. Decision making regarding complain

Procurement Audit Issues
 Procurement plan
 Selection of procurement methods
 Specification
 Advertising
 Enlistment
 Committee formation
 Post Qualification
 Procurement review, records maintaining
 Administrative level of approving authority
 Contract and allocated Budget
 Extension of completion period
 PS, Retention money, warranty
 Acceptance

Case Study on Dummy Procurement
Considering a hypothetical Project Procurement the following steps will be completed in practical and presentation will be held accordingly
 Initial noting
 Other noting steps
 Bidding Document preparation
 Tender opening sheet and TOC Minutes preparation
 TSC minutes ( in case of goods)
 TEC minutes preparation
 NOA preparation
 Contract preparation
 Acceptance Committee Minutes ( in case of goods)

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The Training course is mainly designed for Procurement professionals including Mid-Level & top level Managers and Executives working in public and private sector. Besides it is also equally important for fresh graduates who intend to become procurement professionals because it is a complete training course on Cost effective Procurement.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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