Business Communication and Email Writing training centre in Bangladesh


Business Communication and Email Writing


As writing is one of the most commonly used media to develop and maintain internal and external client relationship and to execute all sorts of business operations, this workshop addresses skills to convey written messages effectively and professionally while maintaining appropriate tactfulness by means of thorough hands-on practices.

How participants will benefit from the course:
After this day long training session, participants will be able to:

- Bridge professional relationships by reducing conflicts

- Construct effective client relationships and maintain them through effective writings

- Deliver difficult messages effectively and tactfully

- Write emails following proper professional etiquettes

- Write emails by rephrasing sentences in tactful manner, yet, keeping the meaning same

- Avoid repetition of the same information

- Organise facts effectively within emails

- Construct their own writing format for given issues

Creative written activities and presentation method to be practised and discussed through case studies and power-point slides.


Power Point Presentation, Activities in Groups, Printed Hand-Outs of PP Slides and Documents will be provided.

Contents of Training:

Session 01: Basics of good business writing
- Dos and Don`ts of Written Business Communication
- Language to Avoid Hidden Negative Meaning
- Sending a direct message
- Introducing the Option of Active and Passive Voice in Business Writing
- Parts of Speech: Conversion where appropriate

Activity: Structuring Sentences, Shortening Phrases, Selecting the Right Vocabulary

Session 02: Business Email and Letters
- Making a message formal
- Keeping message Clear and Concise
- Sending an Effective and yet a Diplomatic Message
- Introducing Different Formats of Business Letters

Activity (in group): Breaking Bad News on a Business Letter/Email- Layout, Selection of Language, Strategies, etc.

"Excellent and Insightful" Ishaqur Rahman, System Analyst, Synesis IT Ltd
"Very Good" Md. Manik Hossain, Sr. Area Sales Manager
"Excellent" Md. Manirul Islam, Sr. Executive, HRD, Nitol Niloy Group
Professionals who make business communication.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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