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Effective Selling Techniques


(A sure-shot selling skills development program)
Successful people clearly understand the importance of learning and mastering the art of being able to sell themselves and their ideas in a way that enhances communication, builds trust and earn business for the organization.

Selling is more mental than it is physical because 80% of your success in the field of selling is based on the way you think & feel and apply. When you take full, complete control of your conscious mind, you take complete control of your feelings and your behaviors to sell as well.

This 21 hour highly interactive training will help participants in the way that
# You'll uncover The Key Success Factors in Selling that will unlock your sales intelligence
# Know about The Two Fears that Hold You Back from realizing your sales potential
# Uncover The Core Success Points and Quality that has the greatest impact on your clients, colleagues and loved ones.
# Realize the ‘contents` in your product/service
# Learn the techniques of appropriate approach techniques
# Bring success in presenting the real message of your product/service
# Making your ‘customers` agree with your proposal
# To learn the meaning of straight, positive reinforcing feedback.
# Set minds to produce better results.

Methodology to be followed:
Individual and group assignment, individual and team video-aided assignment and role **play, lecture, video clips.


Individual and group assignment, individual and team video-aided assignment and role –play, lecture, video clips.

Contents of Training:

Preparation and assignment for effective selling
Present stance in selling: Where you are now? (video aided individual session)

Understanding buying psychology.
The Seven key factors of selling
The cold call
Factor- 1: The pre-approach
Factor 2: Prospecting & Preparation
5 essentials of prospecting
Video clip: Preparing a sales call

Factor- 3:Finding out customers` needs and fulfilling out the needs
Developing questioning skills
Product/service knowledge
Selling benefits
Video clip : Benefits of product/service knowledge in sales

Demonstrating the selling techniques through use of questions: Video Call

Factor 4: The Approach and Approach techniques
Factor 5: Handling customer responses (and objections)
The buying signals

Factor 6: Closing the call
Common traits among the top sales persons in the world.
Final assignment

Final video call with using all 7 factors
Observing the individual improvement achieved(Video replay)
Factor 7: Self evaluation of the sales call(using participant`s recorded video replay).

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Professionals willing to sharpening their selling skills.

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