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21st Century HR Management


To understand Modern HR, we should know the development of HR from Personnel Management. To some extent, we are mixing Personnel Management with HR. The organization is the best one who has the best practice of HR. We should have the capability to differentiate the Modern HR from personnel Management to get the best output from the Human Capital.

The goal of a Business Organization is to create wealth for business owners. The role of HR is to coordinate all other Dept. to achieve this goal as strategic partner of the organization. Keeping this view in mind, the HR dept. performs all HR activities. Human Resource is the best Assets who rotate the wheel of an organization. All Managers or Line Supervisors, not just HR Professionals, need a strong foundation in HR management concepts and techniques to do their jobs. Because, all Managers or Line Supervisors do HR related responsibilities. All manager, in a sense, HR managers, since they all get involved in activities like recruiting, interviewing and selecting potential candidate.

As HR Professionals play an important role in driving the business of an organization, so clear understanding of HR concepts from its development, HR Professionals can only get ahead any organization to its expected success.

How participants will benefit after the course:
# Participants will learn the development appropriate Human Resource Management.
# Participants will learn the difference between HR & Personnel Management.
# Participants will be aware of the techniques of doing the best practice of HR for the organization.
# Participants will be aware of the Modern approach of HR.
# Participants will be aware of the techniques of searching and retaining the talent


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

1. Introduction
2. Traditional Role of HR
3. Mega Role of HR
4. Personnel Management & Human Resource Management
5. Potentially Controversial but useful Ideas
6. The Historical Traditional Development
7. The welfare Tradition
8. The Industrial Relation Tradition
9. The Control of Labor Tradition
10. A shift in perception of Personnel Management Role
11. Gradual Development of HR
12. Emergence of HRM
13. Factors of Emerging HRM
14. Characteristics of HRM
15. Key Policy Goals of HRM
16. 21st Century HRM
17. On - going debate about HRM
18. Role and structure of HRM functions
19. Broad set of HR processes
20. Roles of HR Management in partnership with Line Managers
21. Roles of HR Management in Strategic & Proactive Level
22. Shared Responsibility for HRM
23. Evaluation of HR Outcomes
24. Quantitative & Qualitative Measures
25. The four C`s.

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All HR Professionals below Manager Level
Any employee especially of Admin & HR dept.
Any employee who may be assigned to work as an office administrator
Any person who wants to gather knowledge on HR.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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