Enhance Performance and Leadership by NLP training centre in Bangladesh


Enhance Performance and Leadership by NLP


A brain engineering workshop for Professionals

Enhance Performance (& Leadership) Through Attitude (EPTA) is a kind of mind exercise that creates a demand of improvement from inner side of a person. The whole process refreshes a person with knowledge and motivation, ultimate effect is enhance productivity and performance. For corporate training we follow Brain Engineering (BE) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) method which is renowned worldwide and completely new in Bangladesh. This Research Outcome Session (ROS) is not just a motivational training rather it is a package solution for enhance performance, salesmanship and productivity.

How it works:

We believe for a professional (in any avenue management, technical or marketing) the services provided to the company are “Selling Services”. In that case selling should be something you do with someone, rather than to someone. So we help professionals to develop the skills, attitudes, and focus to support an integrity driven, collaborative process in the organization.

The production, services and team management are the revenue generating force of a company. The performance of marketing and management personnel depends on three factors (1) Attitude, (2) Knowledge & (3) Skill. Attitude depends on dream, decision & career plan that directly influence the team, culture of the organization and product (outcome); and finally revenue. This training is designed in a way to touch the bottom of the mind of marketers and team leads as well as management personnel. It works inside the brain, mind, belief, motivation and productivity. It changes a person from inner side of his mind and brain.

This training is focusing on professional development with a circle of leadership, team management performance management and profitability management. With the marketing and management in focus we are trying to present self management, new working ideas, process and methodologies about how to accelerate the performance of product development and offered services. Precisely, we are focusing on outcome, business, empowering individuals to optimize their potential and attain to peak performance at work.

Values that participant will get:
Participant will be able to enhance Performance by improving attitude;
Best attitude improve performance as well as enhance job satisfaction;
Methodology to keep motivation in a certain level; Learn techniques and tools to enhance brain power, creativity and concentration to the work and job as well.

How company will be benefited:
Attitude will impact on performance, management, production & product; and finally revenue. Company can step up with “Good to Great” by disciplined people, disciplined thought and disciplined action with a level-5 leadership.

Why the program is specialty and unique:
It is not just a training or traditional coaching, it is more than that, it is different, it is Research Outcome Session (ROS). Training your team on a cornerstone skills and knowledge is essential for your company`s success. ROS provides guidance, training and intervention coaching services specially designed to show participants:

a.How to see and understand what's really going on in and what the needs are of the relationship or team;
b.How to successfully harness the capacity of that team;
c.How to quickly and efficiently address conflict and differences directly and effectively;
d.How to drive immediate results.Equip your business with the most advanced skills in team performance.


Research Outcome Session, Interactive, Case Study, bottom touch reach with Brain Engineering approach will be followed

Contents of Training:

Introduction of speaker;
Organizing team for whole day journey;
The subject line and objective of the day;
Procedure of brainstorming and Methodology to capture.

Brain storming, that matter for the day;
Set expectation of the day.

Brain Power Test;
Exercise on Brain including Assignment-1;
The brain, the ultimate source of everything;
NLP Discussion session (DS).

Attitude, the ultimate success factor;
Success perspective;
Performance Equation;
NLP Discussion Session (DS).

The power of brain;
Dream, Attitude and Career;
Factor of Attitude, How dream works?
Attitude Model;
Digging into the dream and mind mapping;
NLP Discussion Session (DS).

Performance and Salesmanship for engineers in reality;
Factor that affects;
The Strategy;
Building Affecting Commitment;
Factor that influence Attitude;

PMA and NMA;
Assignment-5 (International Case);
Self Steam, Background and Factors;
Anatomy of Attitude;
Values, Attitude and Job Satisfaction;
Hofstede`s Framework;
Cognitive Dissonance;
Reprogramming of Self-Image; Brain Matters.

Performance with 3I (Intelligence, Integration and Internationalization );
Performance, Attitude, Background and Tool;
Attitude, Leadership and Team Management;
Review on Success Through Positive Mental Attitude by Nepoleon Hill.
Discussion Session;

This Training session designed for business owners, managers and employees who must acquire or refine their performance and skill. The entire session is customized to meet personal and professional needs. Unlike other consulting companies we are using a unique professional-centered need based approach that maximizes learning and confidence.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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