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Freelancing with Graphic Design Skills


Be able to work online

This course enables you to work in international online market places. This very practically developed course mainly focuses on graphic design skills that are sought by overseas clients through various online market places including Upwork, Fiverr, Elance, Freelancer, Craigslist, Guru, Peopleperhour and many other sites. The course was conducted earlier and the success rate of enabling participants to earn online was satisfactory.

Course Objectives:
Design skills? Here`s an overview of what you`ll learn in this course:
# Develop graphic design work and concepts based on professional creative approaches and techniques.
# Apply Minimal and advance design techniques to create polished graphic design pieces.
# Select and set typography to communicate a specific message in logo designs and T-shirt design.
# Use knowledge of the characteristics of type to create cohesive and expressive logo designs.
# Use a layout grid and professional layout rules to design engaging magazine covers, article spreads, book covers, and book chapter pages.
# Create a basic three-dimensional product packaging design working from a client brief.
# Incorporate existing brand rules into product packaging designs and other graphic design projects.
# Develop an understanding of how to manage the graphic designer/client/vendor relationship, including promotion and billing.



Contents of Training:

01 **Getting know Illustrator v Create a document.
* What kind of work done by Illustrator.
* Resetting and saving Your Workspace.
* Start creating Shapes.
* Creating fill and stroke colors. Also know few shortcut Tricks.
* Learn some tricks how to draw shapes faster way. Draw center, Ratio, fixed size, move initial position, increase/decrease, radius, etc.
* An overview of selecting/ removing shapes, Selection tool and direct selection tool details.
* Project: Creating simple vector elements such as Flag, House, Water glass and Bowl etc.
* What the Difference between tools & Plates.
* Make align using Alignment Plate.
* Lock/Unlock v Hide Selection /Show All
* Group/Ungroup
* Object arrangement
* Tricks to Select objects behind
* Learn how to use drawing aids such as the ruler, guides, and smart guides.
* Ctrl +: Zoom In.
* Ctrl -: Zoom Out.
* Spacebar: Pan Around.
* Ctrl + 0: Fit to Screen.
* Ctrl + Z: Undo.
* Ctrl + A: Select all.
* Ctrl + C: Copy.
* Ctrl + V: Paste.
* Ctrl + X: Cut.
* F: Change Screen Mode.
* Tab: Solo Canvas.
* Changing the view of Artwork (Preview / Outline)
* Project: Creating and aligning matchsticks, Creating Multi color monitor using arrangement.

02 ** Pen tool Uses
* Make Shape to Guide
* Learn Basic Pen tool uses
* Creating Straight
* Creating Curved
* Building a Curve using anchor point tool
* Create path using pen tool over any shape (Star).
* An overview of Rotate and Reflect tools
* Draw Path Over Star with Reshape using Effect and expand appearance
* Effect >Distort & Transform > Pucker & Bloat> Bloat 44% 2.16 Object> Expand Appearance> Ungroup> Right Click and Make Guide
* Draw Path Over modified star
* Draw Path Over Ellipse v Joining Path.
* Project: Creating Complex shapes such as Circle, Modified stars etc. using pen
* Advanced Path Overview
* Transform Again
* Draw a simple shape path and make design using also rotate and reflect tool.
* Using Stroke (Change Stock Width, make dash, make arrow, cap and border).
* Gradient Plate.
* Path Finder.
* Project: Creating moderated shapes such as camera shutter, crescent etc. using rotate, reflect, transform again.

03**Advanced Path Techniques
* Art-board Tools with panel.
* How to Average Path
* How to Outline Stroke
* How to Offset Path (For make safe content)
* Add/remove Anchor point
* Divide Object Below
* Clean up
* How to create transparent object using Compound path
* Links
* Clipping Mask
* Project: Creating simple clipping mask with an image, Notice board, Single arrow heart shape etc.
* Brief about Graphics design.
* How to develop skill on this field v Focus on particular points.
* Basic color concept development.
* Color mixing idea.
* How to generate any color combination.
* Type of color.
* Understand the measuring.
* Type of measurement.
* Where and how to use.
* How to make Combination AI and PS.
* How to development design skills.
* How to generate idea to make a unique design
* Type of printing v Printing process
* How to make plate
* How to make positives
* How to define work size, like: flyer, business card, etc.

04 ** Typography and Basic Rules of Making Business card
* Overview of Text Tools and Character and Paragraph panel
* Create Outline
* Learn how to make a standard business card with safe and bleed.
* Additional Business card with concept, related to a business.
* Project: Create a standard business card with Safe and bleed area.

05 ** Logo Design and Advanced path tools
* Real Estate company logo design
* Logo Preparing document
* Blend Tool and more details
* Envelop Distort ** Text distort

06 **Design Concept Building When creating a new logo as per client requirement, we should consider these steps to make the logo perfect. Such as:
* Select a company
* Type of company
* Target audience
* Text based or icon based logo
* Color preference
* Sample Logo Creating a logo to show the trainee how will be the working procedure throughout the project.

7** T-Shirt Design and Advanced path tools
* Text based Typography design
* Image based t-shirt
* Develop T-shirt concept
* Use Trendy design concept

8 ** Flyer & Brochure design

9 ** Mockup Ready for any work

10 ** Design Ready for Marketplace

11 ** Design Ready for Marketplace

12** Design Ready for Marketplace

13 ** Design Ready for Marketplace

14** Project complete and submit on Marketplace

15 ** Project complete and submit on Marketplace
Fresh Graduates and students
Job Seekers
Job Holders
Mid & Top Level Employee

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