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Freelancing with Clipping Path Skills


A clipping path is a photo editing technique that creates a closed vector path that includes (surrounds) the desired element of a photo. When clipping path is applied, then the elements outside of the vector path will be omitted, and the elements of the vector path will remain as they are.So for example, when you have taken a photo focused on a specific object, but in the background there other unrelated elements that don`t fit in, then you can just create a clipping path around your object and remove the rest.

The inside and the outside of the clipping path is defined by its direction.So for example, when a clipping path is created and includes a ball (inclusive clipping path) when reversing its direction the ball will be the excluded element of the path (exclusive clipping path).

This technique is used to isolate the desired elements in photos and removes (cuts out) what is unwanted in a photo. Depending on the ability of the editor and the ability of the photo editing software, the outcome may vary, meaning that perfect results down to single pixel can be achieved.There is also the “compound path” that is made from both inclusive and exclusive paths.A compound path is a combination of multiple inclusive and exclusive paths.For example, an inclusive path which contains a smaller exclusive path results in a shape with an “empty space” (which has been defined by the exclusive path).

As said above, clipping path is used to isolate objects or specific areas within a photo. By isolating an object in your photo, then you can further edit it and apply several other effects that will give to your desired object a totally different look! You can apply shadow dropping effect, stroke, and many other effects.

So it is easy to understand that being able to isolate an object and then make it look amazing, clipping path technique is very useful for any use.

For those who sell online through their own e-commerce/e-shop sites or for those who list their products on sites like Amazon and eBay, listing product photos that grab viewers attention on their first glance is a requirement for success.But also for photos of personal interest like wedding photos or other similar events, clipping path can be applied to edit and make them look stunning!


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Video Demo, Practice, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

01** Introduction to Photoshop>/b>
Create New Document
Introduce with Photoshop environment.
What kind of work done by Photoshop?
Using the options Bar
How to move around where the panels docked
Sampling a Color ** Eyedropper v Adding Text.
Actions in Photoshop ** New Document Creation
How to move objects with the move tool.
How to add text to an image
Adjusting text with the character and paragraph panel.
Open images in Photoshop
What is the difference between open image and drag and drop image in the document.
Shape Tool.
Project: Practice on class lecture.
11**Understanding Layers
Understanding layer concept
Changing the Opacity & Fill Opacity
Creating New layer
Types of Layer
Changing the stacking order/ Arrange
Turning the visibility of layers on and off
Deleting Layers
Duplicating Layers ** all options
Aligning Layers v Group Layer
Layer All Style Basic Idea
Project: Practice on class lecture

02 ** Understanding Layers and Transformation
Layer Mask and Clipping Mask
Layer Lock
Lock Transparent Pixel
How to select Multiple Layers.
Blending Option
Filter ** Type, Object etc.
Linking Groups/Layers
How to deselect Layers
The transform tool - Ctrl + T - Free Transform
Using Scale, Rotate, Skew, Distort, Perspective, Wrap. Flip and others
Multiple Undo`s with The History Panel.
Rectangular Marquee Tool, fixed size, move when creating selection, makes center using Alt Key.
Project: Merging multiple images with layer mask, masking image within any shape with clipping mask

03 ** Overview of Selection
Rectangular Marquee Tool
Using Marquee to remove and fill color, copy Area.
How to apply background and foreground color fill.
How to open image and copy image to another document.
Deselect the selection, border, expand, smooth, contract, Feather.
Using feather.
Inverse Selection.
Lasso Tool Basics.
Polygonal Lasso Tool.
Magnetic Lasso Tool.
Quick Selection Tool.
Magic Wand Tool.
Color Range Selection.
Changing Brush size for quick selection tool
Project: Practice on class lecture

04 ** Smart Object Layers vs. Regular Layers
Smart Objects vs. Regular Layers.
Moving object from one canvas to another.
Creating Smart Objects.
Creating Smart objects from illustrator files.
Convert to Smart Object by right clicking in layer palette and pressing Convert to Smart Object.
Convert to regular Layer by right clicking in layer palette and pressing Rasterize.
Ctrl Shift Tab - on a PC to switch between different canvases.
Ctrl Alt Z - Step Back in History Window (aka Multiple Undo's at once).
Project: Practice on class lecture

05 ** Canvas Size, Image size, Image Rotation, Color Correction
What to do if you set up a document and later realize it's the wrong dimensions.
An introduction to:
Image Size
Canvas Size.
Images Rotate (Clockwise, counter clockwise, arbitrary and Flip).
An introduction to Color Correction.
Where to find the color correction options.
Color Adjustment Layers.
The Properties Panel.
Fixing contrast with Brightness / Contrast.
Fixing color casting with Color Balance.
Fixing the white and black points with Level's auto option.
Adjusting the opacity of a color adjustment layer.
Curves Basics.
Black and White
Project: Adjustment of color in a selected image

06 ** Basic Image Manipulation
Overview of Clone Stamp Tool.
Spot Healing Brush tool.
Healing Brush tool.
Patch Tool.
Content Aware move tool.
Beauty Retouching.
Crop Tool.
Remove a Person from a scene.
Add in a Person in a scene.
Image Size increase make finish cutout part of content.
Project: Retouch an image

07 ** Basic uses of Pen tool in Photoshop
Using pen tool to create path.
How to draw multi Path using exclude overlapping shape.
Complex 1 Project based, how to do the work and one by one show the problem and fixing.
Use refines edge on hair.
Complex 2 - one by one show the problem and fixing

07 ** Brush Settings & Brush Use in photoshop
Using the Brushes Palette
Creating Custom Brush Tips by Selection
Creating Custom Brush Tips in the Brushes Palette
Setting Shape Dynamics
Setting Brush Scattering
Setting Brush Texture
Setting Dual Brushes
Setting Color Dynamics
Setting Other Dynamics
Miscellaneous Brush Settings
Clearing Brush Settings
Saving a Customized Brush
Saving a Customized Brush Library

08 ** Background Remove Live Project

09 ** Clipping Path Live Project

10 ** Multipath in photoshop

11 ** Jewelry Path

12 ** Product Path

13 ** Live project on marketplace

14 ** How to deliver your work on

15 ** how to get more order

16 ** buyer communication
Anyone wants to earn money online with clipping path skills.

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