Three Pillar of Effective Sales Management Skills for Excellence training centre in Bangladesh


Three Pillar of Effective Sales Management Skills for Excellence


Almost day by day the world grows more competitive. More businesses compete for the same markets. As technologies develop, companies are able to achieve better quality in products and processes as well as greater productivity from sales forces. As customers demand better quality from companies, so also companies demand EXCELLENCE from their employees. Trained/skilled people in achieving excellence in various realms. But excellence requires skills in various areas.

The training will cover the effective territory, distributor and sales force management which called three pillar of effective sales management skills for excellence, transform into the job. The materials and tools will be linked with practical and real life examples of our country`s national large corporate houses and the big multinational organizations.

After attending the programme,a tranee will be improve to perform dramatically managing an effective sales management process (three pillar) with route to market strategy in FMCG industries in Bangladesh. He/she also will be independently able to design national business development plan, leading & developing the sales team as well as result-focus to meet the higher sales expectation from the FMCG industries in BD.



Contents of Training:

Territory Management Process
Measuring potential market
Tips for measuring potential
Mapping the route
Tips for route mapping
Re-mapping of routes
Effective market coverage system
Working with sales forces in the market
Setting Targets
Primary & Secondary parameters of setting targets
Monitor & Review
Managing your time efficiently
Group work/exercise

Distributor Management Process
Companies led business through distributor-Why?
Select & Appoint
Distributor selection process
Pre- assessment, Situation Analysis, Review assessment
Final Selection
Contractual Arrangement
What is a contract?
Contractual Issues
Launching the distributor
Distributor`s business plan
Developing the distributor business plan
Situation Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Setting SMART objectives
Strategies & Action plan
Manage & Review
Distributor management model
Terminate & Replace
Terminating distributors-steps to be followed
Contingency plans
Terminating the relationship & replace
Future Growth plan
Business partners have different expectations
To develop sales force capacity facing the future challenges
The challenges in front of distributors today-a changing today.
How to overcome the challenges for sustainable sales growth.
Group work/Exercise

Sales Force Management
Sales force management process
Get the right people for the right job
Define the job & the standard expected
Develop skills in the individual and the team
Provide feedback through coaching
Provide normal feedback
Motivate the sales forces
Managing your time efficiently
Review the training session and Question Answer

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