Advanced Upwork Training : How To 10X Client Responses training centre in Bangladesh


Advanced Upwork Training : How To 10X Client Responses


Description: Advanced Upwork Proposals: How To 10X Client Responses Fast is for freelancers using Upwork, or any freelance platform that requires proposals or applications to get an interview. In this course I'll show you how to apply profound concepts of psychology, influence and persuasion, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnotherapy, storytelling and even personality profiling to get way more responses in way less time while sending fewer proposals than ever before.The material in this course is based on real-world experience. It is NOT theoretical. In my freelance career I apply these exact techniques to earn huge clients worth thousands of dollars per month. Students who apply this training will rapidly discover a massive edge over your competition, and you will finally understand why Upwork is not saturated despite what every broke freelance hack says.Every technique in this course has been tested and proven to work. This entire course is based on advanced training in a variety of areas combined with my personal process and one-at-a-time tweaks to make each item fit the context of freelance proposals.If you are someone who sends template proposals, or you use all of your connects every month, REJOICE! You won't be doing that anymore. From now on, you'll send fewer proposals than ever, get more responses, and save money on connects. Sound good?


Contents of Training:

Introduction: ( 5 Lectures)
# An introduction to advanced Upwork proposals and to the course to get you started down the right track.
# Purpose Of The Proposal
# How Most People Write Proposals
# Proper Proposal Mindset
# What Clients Need From Your Proposal

Influence & Persuasion Tactics: ( 11 Lectures)
# The Art Of YOU Focused Proposals
# Getting In Sync Through Rapport Building
# Secret Squirrel Spy Tactics For Information Gathering
# Gaining Agreement From The Client
# Vague & Specific Language Patterns
# A Pinch Of Social Proof And Credibility
# Clarity Questions To Attract Clients Like Cats To Tuna
# Future Pacing And The Role Of Presuppositions
# The Role Of Storytelling In Proposals
# Guarantees And Promises
# Scarcity And Limited Time Offers

Writing A Great Proposal: ( 10 Lectures)
# Length Of A Great Upwork Proposal
# Sections Of A Great Upwork Proposal
# How To Write An Attention Grabbing Headline
# The Best Way To Greet The Client
# How To Write Your First Sentence For Attention And Interest
# How To Write Your First Paragraph?
# How To Write Your Second Paragraph?
# How To Write Your Closing Paragraph
# How To Influence Clients With Your Signature
# How To Write A Great P.S. Statement

Conclusion: ( 1 Lecture)
# Conclusion & Additional Resources
• Anyone who wants to learn to write better Upwork proposals that get results fast. • Anyone who wants to stop sending a ton of template proposals for bottom dollar gigs. • Anyone who wants to stop wasting money on more Upwork connects each month. • Anyone who wants to earn clients at the highest possible rates.

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