Infection Prevention & Controls (IPC) training centre in Bangladesh


Infection Prevention & Controls (IPC)


Employing good infection prevention practices will decrease the risk of infections for clients, team members and the wider community. Infection prevention is the foundation for any high-quality service which ensures public confidence in the quality of care and treatment It also helps to make awareness to protecting clients and team members from infections and also preventing the spread of infection to the community.


▪ PowerPoint Presentation
▪ Group Discussion
▪ Video Clips
▪ Open Discussion with Problems
▪ Question & Answer Session

Contents of Training:

✔Principles of Infection Prevention
✔Disease Cycle
✔Standard Precaution
✔Hand Hygiene
✔Respiratory Hygiene
✔Prevention of sharp Injuries
✔Instrument processing
✔Use of Personal Protective Equipment’s
✔Safe handling of Linen
✔Environmental Cleaning
✔Waste Management
✔Aseptic Technique
Health Care Professionals (Doctor, Nurse, Paramedic)

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