Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC): Winning Strategies for the 21st Century training centre in Bangladesh


Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC): Winning Strategies for the 21st Century


Since the early 2000, Customers are viewed not as targets but as partners in an ongoing relationship. Customers, prospects, and others encounter the brand and company through a host of sources and create from these various contacts ideas about the brand and company. By knowing the media habits and lifestyles of important consumer segments, marketers can tailor messages through media that are most likely to reach these segments at times when these segments are most likely to be receptive to these messages, thus optimizing the marketing communication effort.

Rather than a traditional inside-out view, IMC is primarily seen as an outside-in perspective. Ideally, IMC is implemented by developing comprehensive databases on customers and prospects, segmenting these current and potential customers into groups with certain common awareness levels, predispositions, and behaviors, and developing messages and media strategies that guide the communication tactics to meet marketing objectives. In doing this, IMC builds and reinforces mutually profitable relationships with customers and other important stakeholders and generates synergy by coordinating all elements in the promotional mix into a program that possesses clarity, consistency and maximum impact.

Expected outcome
Upon completion of this highly interactive training workshop, participants will be expected to understand and evaluate different aspects of promotional mix and branding strategies that creates a long term positive impact on consumer behavior through brand awareness and to be able to design the right sets of communication strategies that portray the true values and objectives of the organization.


Power Point Presentation
Group Discussion

Contents of Training:

Day I
1. History of Marketing ** How it all began

2. Understanding IMC: Shifting the Paradigm

3. Importance of Information Processing

4. Segregation between Perception and Facts

5. Evaluating Corporate Values and Culture

6. Evaluating the Product

7. Evaluating Customers and the Market

8. Evaluating Other Influential Factors

9. Sending the Right Message

10. The Concept of IMC & Models
---Extended Marketing Mix
---7 Ps of Marketing Vs. 7 Cs of Marketing Communication
---4-stage IMC Model
---Expectancy-Value Model
---Theory of Planned Behavior/Information Processing Model
---The IMC Flower Model
---Hierarchy of Effects Model
---The Synergy Cycle

11. IMC Data Mapping & the IMC Cycle

Day II
1. Developing an Effective Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
- Organizational Plan
-Marketing Plan
-Integration Plan

2. Brand Response Model

3. Barriers to IMC

Mr. Taufiqur Rahman, MBA, University of New Haven & BBA, University of Mississippi, USA; is a former lecturer of North South University and a veteran marketing professional and consultant in Bangladesh. With over 14 years of experience in senior level positions at various well reputed companies like Toyota Motor Sales (USA) Inc. in the USA, he has practically worked at all aspects of Marketing and Sales including core Sales Operations, Strategic Marketing, Brand Management, Advertisement and Media Planning, Logistics and Distribution, Budgeting and Implementation and International Marketing (including Commercial Affairs). He is well experienced in FMCG, Telecom, Transport & Logistics (Freight Forwarding & Courier Services) and Manufacturing Industries.

He has engineered several campaigns and methodologies which have been taught at the Department of Mass Communication of the University of Dhaka as case studies. He has worked in every corner of Bangladesh and participated at various trade fairs abroad (Dubai Int`l Trade Fair, Halal Showcase Malaysia, Masse Frankfurt, Germany and Masse Hong Kong among the major ones). He has travelled widely throughout North America, Europe and Asia for export market expansion.

He is presently working as an Independent Marketing Consultant and Researcher in the areas of Marketing Communication, Strategic Marketing and Corporate re-engineering for various FMCG, Manufacturing and IT concerns. He is a Life Member of American Management Association, New York, USA and American Alumni Association, Bangladesh. He has also authored several books, two of which are in process of publication from a renowned publishing house in Bangladesh.

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Middle to Top Level Managers responsible for strategic decision making, irrespective of business segment or operational unit and individual Entrepreneurs are highly encouraged to attend.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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