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Managing Human Resources effectively in organizations in a rapidly changing business environment is crucial if one is to remain competitive. Under such circumstances, there is a particular need for mid-level and top-level human resources practitioners to be exposed to more advanced issues related to human resource management.

In order to meet future needs of business, development of the appropriate manpower plan is essential. Business goals are supported by the constant learning of the establishment of job analysis framework. Consideration of the pros and cons of employee development strategies aims at ensuring the effective skill and knowledge of staff. HR practitioners need to understand the importance of the proper alignment of the current HR practices with the organization`s business plans. Such issues are explained and demonstrated through Advanced HR Long Course.

This program provides exposure to advanced Human Resource Management concepts, knowledge and skills for the optimal strength building of HR Practitioners and turning them into Strategic Business Partners in their organizations.


Group exercise, Interactive Discussion, PowerPoint Presentation.

Contents of Training:

Day 1: Strategic HR Planning
Importance of strategic HR plan
Making HR Strategy integral to the organization
Linking the strategic HR plan to the strategic business plan
The overall purpose of strategic HR planning
The HR Forecasting Process
HR Demand
Ascertaining HR Supply
Succession Management
Downsizing and Restructuring
Mergers and Acquisitions
The strategic HR planning process
Implementing the strategic HR plan

Day 2: Organizational Development
Importance of Organizational Development.
OD Theories and Best Practices
Organizational System Analysis
Improving Processes
Improving Human Resources
Managing Change
Comparison of an OD Practices

Day 3: Human Resource Information System
Brief Introduction to HRIS
Basic uses of HRIS, e.g. Attendance and Leave, Salary and Benefits, Discipline, Appointment and Separation administration; etc.
Advanced uses of HRIS, e.g. Performance Management, HR Planning, Staff Development; etc.
HRIS and Change Management Issues

Day 4: Using JDs as a Strategic HR Tool
The Benefits of Having Job Descriptions.
Components of a Job Description.
Collecting Information for Job Descriptions.
Customizing Job Descriptions for Your Organization.
Do's and Don`ts of Job Descriptions.
Linkages of JDs with Other HR Functions
Gaining Cooperation for a Job Analysis Program

Day 5: Job Evaluation
Defining Job Evaluation
Some Principles of Job Evaluation
Evaluation types
Methods of Job Evaluation
Hay Job evaluation

Day 6: Compensation Strategies
Pay structure
Salary survey
Components of Payroll
Payroll Management Process
Payroll Outsourcing
Reasons for Outsourcing Payroll
Incentive Plans

Day 7: Designing HR Development Systems
Organizational Development
Leadership Development
Management Development
Managing change and changing management
Management effectiveness
Organizational learning
Organizational Behavior
Career Development
Customer Service
Time Management
Team Work
Performance Management

Day 8: Finding the Right PMS
The Objective of PMS
The Concept of Managing vs. Appraising Performance
Steps in Appraising Performance
Principles of PM
The Fundamental Goal of PM
Basic Steps in ALL PM Systems
Performance Development Planning
Performance Monitoring

Day 9: Talent Management
Develop Acquisition Plans
Integrate/Assimilate new Jobs
Design programs for Leadership Development
Facilitate Executive/Team Coaching and Team Building
Set up a system for recognizing performance and rewarding talent.
Develop Retention Strategies and conduct Succession Planning.
Conduct successful Outplacement and Retirement Planning

Day 10: HR Accounting
Issues of measurability vs. HRM
Transformation to HR
Objections to measuring HR
HR Role in New Economy
Measuring Organizational Performance: Balance Scorecard
Costs of HR
Measuring HRM Functions

Day 11: HR Audit
Benefits, Scope, Goals, and Areas of HR Audit
Approaches to HR Audit
Audit tools
Areas of Concern
The audit process
The critical areas
Preparation for an audit
Using audit findings
Reporting the Results

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