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The Art & Skill of Managing People Effectively


Throughout all times the Manager has been a key part in almost all forms of human organizations. They may have attained their status through popularity, competence or by sheer force; they may have been known by many titles, Headman, Chief, Director, President, Commander, Captain; etc. but their basic roles have been universal and transcend time: delivering results; leading, directing and motivating people; managing relationships; representing organizations; leading through change; managing crises; etc.

The manager has always had a pivotal role in almost all of the concepts, tool and techniques developed by modern management thinkers and experts. And even in many alternate systems/styles of getting work done (e.g. Self Directed Teams) there are managerial roles that need to be performed by one of the ‘non-manager` members!

The managers` ability to affect so many outcomes also put them in a position to either further or hinder the organization`s objectives. Indeed, hundreds of studies carried out on organizational effectiveness have indicated that ineffective management is the biggest bottleneck: this is even truer for today`s knowledge based industries.
How effective are YOU as a manger? Do you hinder your team`s performance with unnecessary procedures and vagueness of objectives or do you drive them with clarity of focus and priority? Do you maintain an appropriate balance between Delegation and Micro-management? Do you balance concern for Results with concern for People? Can you identify the factors that fuel your team members` passion for performance? Do you know how to channel in towards organization`s objectives? Do you direct their productive energy and creativity toward outputs and results that are really important or are they wasted on high volume of low-priority, low-impact tasks? How well do you negotiate? Handle complaints? Manage conflicts?Can you assist team members with continuous learning and their individual developmental needs? In the end, do you successfully balance work with the other priorities in your life and have you progressed steadily with your self-development?

This workshop on Managerial Effectiveness is aimed to assist practicing managers to increase their success in both managing people and delivering results: to explore ways to establish priorities, utilize time better, successfully delegate responsibilities, develop shared goals and values, manage intra and inter team relations, conflicts and crises, foster a culture of learning and growth, manage team performance and continuously strive for higher levels of shared achievement! And finally to discuss practical ways to ensure that the managers themselves are not caught up in the endless cycle of office responsibilities and know how to move up their own career ladders!!

Ultimately, the barometer for your managerial effectiveness is how you answer the question Would I want to work under a manager like myself? The workshop aims to help you say a loud YES!... EVERYTIME!!


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

1. Planning and Decision Making: Setting the organization`s goals and deciding how best to achieve them.

- Organizational Planning
- Managing Strategy
- Problem Solving and Decision Making

2. Organizing: Determining how best to group activities and resources.
- Organization Design
- Managing Change and Innovation
- Managing People
- Effective Delegation

3. Leading: Motivating members of the organization to work in the best interests of the organization.
- Managing Employee Motivation and Performance
- Leadership Styles
- Managerial Grid
- Team Building
- Transformational Leadership

4. Controlling: Monitoring and correcting ongoing activities to facilitate goal attainment
- Managing Operations
- Ensuring Quality and Productivity
- Feedback Mechanism and Rolling Forecast

5. The Environmental Context of Management:
- Ethical and Social Environment
- Global Business Environment

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Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.