Building World Class Brands training centre in Bangladesh


Building World Class Brands


What do brands like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Nike and McDonalds do which makes them World Class Brands?

What is it that iPod got right to become a global phenomenon?

Why did some of the great brands from the seventies and eighties lose out?

What do I need to do to build and sustain a world class brand?

These are the questions that every marketer attempts to address everyday as long term brand equity is the single biggest contributing factor towards sustainable business leadership.

With a program setting which is stimulating and refreshingly different , this one day workshop aims to equip marketers and business leaders with the approach which they can apply to their brands to make the leap towards brand excellence.

Thought provoking discussions and real life examples from top brands in would aim to trigger the thought process among the participants in applying these to build and sustain brand leadership for their own brands.

Having attended this boot camp, the participants will be able to understand:
# How do world class brands keep themselves relevant in the face of a changing environment ? How can you do it for your brand ?

# How to master the art of creating differentiation ? How do World Class Brands do it?

# How a strong positioning is now critical more than ever to build sustainable advantages of a brand and how to define the positioning for your brand?

# How to manage a challenger brand?

# Understand the concept of Brand Equity and its application

# What are the key brand indicators and how to interpret and influence them

# How to transform your brand into an Experience Brand?

# How social media can be effectively leveraged used as a brand and PR tool and how it can make or break your brand.


Methodology of the course would be interactive with visual presentation including discussion and Q-A.

Contents of Training:

Understanding the Environment
Understanding how the environment is changing rapidly. How it has an influence on consumer expectations from your brand/ product. How to leverage this as an opportunity and prevent it from becoming a threat.

Differentiation and Positioning: What will you brand stand for?
How to create real differentiation for our brand and how to define a clear brand/ product positioning and use it as a foundation to building brand equity.

Understanding and Building Brand Equity
Understanding the concept of Brand Equity, how to build brand equity for your brand by managing the key health brand indicators.

Working with Challenger Brands
How to work with challenger brands ? How to put together a challenger brand strategy ?

Compelling Brand communication in the new world
How brand and consumer communication is evolving and what are the elements needed to develop communication that connects with the consumer today.

The rise of Social Media: Marketing and PR`s new frontier
Develop and understanding of the basic social media concepts and how a strong social media strategy can keep your brand relevant with today`s consumer.

Creating an Experience Brand
Understand why a great brand experience is becoming increasingly important and how do you create a great brand experience for your consumer and why is it leveraging new and conventional touch points including advertising, activation and retail to deliver brand experience.

Managing Marketing ROI:
How to make sure that your decisions regarding your brand also stand the test of financial accountability.

Recap/ Q&A
The workshop will be interactive and will basically be built around discussions and case studies. Videos, exercises and relevant examples will be used to build relevance and understanding, besides a powerpoint presentation.

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Arrangement of the workshop was really nice and learned some new things which might help me to develop my career. S.M. Nurul Hasan, Assistant Manager, Business Development, ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd.
Marketing Managers/ Brand Managers/ Product Manager with at least a year’s experience of directly managing brands/products.

Business Unit Managers who are directly managing Marketing teams.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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