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How can I ensure my allocated budget is spent in the most effective way to ensure best return on investment?

Which one should I focus more ** market share or profitability?

Even if I don`t have enough money, how can I still increase my sales?

Simple questions that requires tough marketing answers.

Business school education and MBA focuses on theoretical side of marketing. What it lacks is answer to such practical but very important questions. This short course will try to equip the participants with capability to answer these or any other practical problem related questions. Because after all, these are the questions that executives and business people face day in day out in their line of work, where simple solutions based on practicality and feasibility matters more than theory.

Marketing is driven by a deep understanding of consumers and applying those understanding through a simple solution that makes sense and gets the right results. This short marketing course aims to teach marketers the practical know-how that is essential for any person who is working or willing to work in marketing.


1) Practical work (Individual & Group)
All participants will spend 50% of the time everyday in group work or individual sessions which will work as a practice for the lesions learnt.

2) Local market exposure
All participants will work with local brands, which will ensure relevant local and practical knowledge development.

3) 360 degree approach
The training will touch on all key components of marketing ** from research to advertising to media to competitive strategy ** so that participants get a well rounded exposure.

4) Innovative exercises
The sessions will use exciting and innovative sessions like advertising creation, logo games, market visits etc. to give a more hands on experience to participants.


1.PowerpointPresentaion 2.Group Work 3.Group Presentation

Contents of Training:

Session 01: Basic Marketing Revision
 Introducing and revising important tools and concepts which is a pre-requisite for basic marketing understanding
 Marketing vs. Branding: The difference
 Branding vs. Advertising: The difference

Session 02: Strategic Planning
 What is strategic planning?
 10 tips to create a killer strategy
 How to create an effective marketing plan

Session 03: Market Research and Understanding of Consumer
 Different kinds of formal and informal research and their usefulness
 Practice session: How to conduct fantastic formal and informal research
 Talking to actual consumers to apply lessons learnt in class

Session 04: Brand Development
 Understanding of key concepts: brand, positioning, differentiation, architecture, line extension etc.
 10 tips to get the fantastic results through your branding efforts.
 How local brands can adopt successful global brand strategies.

Session 05: Competitive Strategy
 What strategy to take against competitors as per market position
 Competitive war analysis: Pepsi vs. Coke, Nike Vs. Adidas, Grameenphone vs. Banglalink vs. Robi

Session 06: Advertising
 Understanding of key concepts: print media and electronic advertisement execution, media planning, heading, copy, visual, logo, jingle etc.
 10 Tips to create fantastic advertising campaigns
 How to write an advertising brief for agencies

Session 07: Sales, Distribution, service & customer experience
 Understanding of key concepts like quality distribution, experiential marketing, customer touch-point management, customer relationship management (CRM) etc.
 10 tips to increase your sales & distribution effectiveness
 How to ensure great customer service

Session 08: Advanced Marketing Tools and Techniques
 Innovation management & disruption strategy
 Sensory branding and how to use 5 senses to better position your brand
 Blue Ocean Strategy: How to make competition irrelevant

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Anyone who currently owns a business in Bangladesh, or working in sales or marketing anywhere in the country in any level can greatly benefit from this training.

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