Fire Safety and Health Implementation Management System for Garments training centre in Bangladesh


Fire Safety and Health Implementation Management System for Garments


The ready-made-garment sector in Bangladesh has expanded greatly over the past five years. Whilst exports have grown, there remains a lack of general understanding and awareness of compliance, and how to meet the demands of retailers. Despite willingness by factory managers to learn and apply good systems, some factory owners remain reluctant as not all their retail customers insist on adherence to a code of compliance; and for those that do, standards and codes vary.

The costs of compliance can pay for themselves over time, but the initial costs can be off-putting. Factory managers cited fire safety equipment, structural changes and reorganization of production facilities as the main costs incurred. Structural changes in particular are a significant obstacle ** a large number of factories in Bangladesh are either rented and / or were not purpose-built manufacturing sites therefore making structural changes to ensure fire safety compliance can be difficult.

The accumulation of recent incidents in Bangladesh causing more deaths and injuries proves the urgency of the outstanding demand for immediate and structural safety measures. Recently some organization observed fire safety International Action Day is a day to push all factory owners in Bangladesh, all companies sourcing production in Bangladesh, industry associations and public authorities to take action on this demand. It is an action day in solidarity with the garment workers in Bangladesh who want a safe and healthy workplace.

In the garment industry, most deaths from fire are due to the inhalation of smoke or from workers falling to their death from multistory factories as they try to escape. Tragically there have been a number of garment factory fires in which large numbers of workers have died. Some of these tragedies have reached the national and international press and the poor publicity has impacted on the Brands as they try to maintain their market share. As a result, the compliance officers who monitor the Brands` Code of Conduct are looking closely at the whole issue of fire safety. In Bangladesh, although there is a national Fire Department along with fire safety laws and rules, which has the authority to deal with fire safety, it appears at the present time that they do not have national standards or benchmarks to guide their work in the garment industries.

Objectives of the training:
1. To build capacity for Fire Safety Officers, Social Compliance Officers & managers, Administration and HR Officers and Executives, etc.

2. To build capacity of the factories on matter related to Fire safety and health

3. To develop proper safety and health implementation management system

4. To Identify key strengths and weaknesses of your existing safety and health status

5. Risk assessment system

6. Monitoring and follow-up

7. To disseminate experiences these gained to other exporting industry or any business or commercial organizations.

8. Production enhancement through safe workplace development


Participatory training and orientation
Class room lecture
Reading materials
Role Ply and Group presentation
Practical audit in one factory
And video film show � a case study on Maternity Leave in RMG industry.

Contents of Training:

1.Concept of Health & Safety Management system

2.Objective of Safety and Health Training

3.Major Safety Issues
-- Fire Safety
-- Electrical Safety
-- Machine Safety

4. Occupational Hazard
--A. Chemical
--B. Physical
--C. Biological
--D. Mechanical
--E. Psychosocial

5. Hazards Control and Management
# Engineering controls
# Administrative controls
# Personal protective equipments (PPEs)
# Safe work practices communication

6. Effective Implementation System
# Management commitment
# Employee involvement
# Responsibility
# Work site Analysis
# Risk Assessment
# Safety and Health Inspections
# Additional Work-site Analysis
# Hazard Prevention and Control
# Hazard Prevention Planning
# Safety and Health Training
# Safety and Health Orientation
# Supervisor Responsibilities
# Specific Training Needs

7. Benefits of Effective Safety and Health Implementation

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The workshop will help me to implement fire safety and health management at my workplace. Thanks bdjobs training for arranging the workshop. Md. Shohel Mahamud, OHS Coordinator, Holcim Bangladesh Ltd.
• Fire safety and health officers, Managers • Compliance dept. personnel • Admin personnel • HRD Sectors personnel.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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