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How to Become A Master Brand Builder

There is no denying that learning effective brand building is the most important skill that one can learn. That being said, how many of us really know how to use world class brand building principles in our day to day work to grow our business? There seems to be a lot of confusion about branding, and a lot of gap from what people need and what people know about brand building. This training aims to reduce that big, wide gap.

The learning will be conducted in two individual trainings with two different benefits for two different kinds of people.

Advanced Brand Management:
This day long training will teach you the very latest, cutting edge brand building principles. The assumption will be that attendees already either attended “Basic Brand Management” or any other brand training or are already well equipped with basic brand building principle and hence the focus will be entirely on advanced concepts to make them world class brand builders. For Advanced Brand Management training, attending “Basic Brand Management” training is not mandatory.


1.PowerpointPresentaion 2.Group Work 3.Group Presentation

Contents of Training:

1. Top trends in Consumer Behavior: Understanding of the ten biggest consumer trends in the world right now and five biggest trends in Bangladesh right now and how brand builders can seize those opportunities

2. Corporate Branding: How brand building lessons can be spread all around the organization to create a fantastic organization. This combines the learning of innovative new concept called “Internal Marketing” which shows how every employee of an organization can be turned into the biggest channel for an organization to build brands

3. Blue Ocean Strategy: Blue ocean strategy is the latest sensation and one of the most important strategic tools that is being adopted in all the biggest organizations of the world. Here we will learn the key aspects of Blue Ocean Strategy and how we can use this to deal with competition as well as create world class brands

4. Branded Experience: How the world is moving from advertising driven brand building to a more branded experience and engagement driven brand building and how we can learn those principles to apply them to our local brands

5. Sensual Branding: How to use all of our 5 senses to increase the impact of our brand building activities. We will learn from great brands like Singapore Airlines and Nokia, about Sensual branding

6. Social Media: How social media is changing the way brand building is done world-wide

7. Brand Building for Special Target Groups ** Women and Senior Citizens: How to customize your marketing efforts to target women through distinct brand building initiatives. Also, older, senior citizens are one of the most affluent yet non focused target groups. How you can focus on this mostly untapped market segment with your brand

8. How to build a lifestyle brand: How brands all over the world target young generation and how djuice transformed the way marketing to youth is being done. Learning from the lessons of iconic youth brands like MTV, Pepsi, Diesel; we will learn how to create a lifestyle brand and make youth part of that branded lifestyle

9. Re-branding & Re positioning: Learning how to change the position, name or logo of your brand to create a new image and position in customers mind. We will also see how effective use of crisis management principles can greatly enhance the reputation of a brand.

10. Luxury Branding: In Bangladesh we are used to premium branding experiences. But the next game changer will be transforming the premium brands into luxury brands to take it to the next level. Here we will learn from luxury brand kings of world like Louis Vutton, Ferrari etc. to see how the principle of luxury brands can apply in the poor, dusty roads in Bangladesh

11. Brand portfolio management and Fighter Brand: How to create a great fighter brand to wrestle market share from the leader. Also, how to handle multiple brands and handle a portfolio

12. Word of Mouth / Brand Buzz: How to create great word of mouth and buzz around your brand

13. Customer Service: How brand building principles can be used to create great services oriented organizations

14. Case Study: Analysis on great International brand case studies: Apple, Coca Cola, Nike, Red Bull, Nokia, McDonalds

15. Innovation: How brands can use innovation create great value for themselves

16. The participants will actually know how to implement the ideas learned through small group and individual assignments and tasks

17. No lecturing, only “Learning by doing” method

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Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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