13 Lessons to turn every Company into Fantastic Brands training centre in Bangladesh


13 Lessons to turn every Company into Fantastic Brands


Your company name is your biggest asset. Even if you have no other products / services / brands, even if you have no money to do advertisements or build brands ** your company name is one brand that you will have to build and live with. But this is one aspect of our business that gets the least focus.

Do you know if the name of your company is the right one for you? Do you know how your suppliers will explain your brand in one word? Do you really know what kind of business you are in? Do you know what your customers say about you behind your back? Do you want to be a good corporate citizen but don`t have the money? If you don`t know the answers to these questions but want to find out, this training is for you.

Through this training learn how a good company brand not only pulls the best customers, but also the best employees and best suppliers. Learn how even the smallest of companies with no financial budget can reap benefits from CSR. Learn how to create an excellent corporate culture in Bangladeshi local market. Learn how to form partnerships with suppliers and customers that can last even at the face of great competition.


Interactive Lecture, PowerpointPresentaion, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

Participants will know from this training
A. Basics of brand development and management
B. How to turn your company into a fantastic brand
C. How to use Corporate Social Responsibility to create value in local companies in Bangladesh
D. How to create a fantastic corporate culture that creates and manages great brand experience
E. How to ensure that every employee of your brand becomes a brand ambassador and a media that is far more powerful than advertisements
F. Every Managing Director / CEO is a brand. How to create and utilize that brand
G. How to give a proper brand name to your company and hold on to it
H. What you market externally to customers should be marketed internally to employees, and how to do it
I. How to create a good image of your company and ensure that customers perceive your company as easy and friendly.

How this training is different
1. This is a training that is made for Bangladeshi business people with Bangladeshi examples in Bangladeshi context
2. The best brand learning from around the world are condensed into 13 small, easy to implement steps
3. No jargon and theory is used, only practical solutions that anyone can implement
4. The participants will actually know how to implement the ideas learned through small group and individual assignments and tasks
5. No lecturing, only “Learning by doing” method

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Its really very good workshop for me which i got from bdjobs training. Syed Alimul Bashar, Energypac Power Generation Ltd.
The workshop is very important for me and the communication style of the trainer is really fantastic. Asif Mahmud, Sr. Executive, Hotel Washington
The workshop was very much effective and I enjoyed a lot. Nigar Sultana, Executive, Harmonics Power Ltd.
Anyone who currently owns a business in Bangladesh, be it small, medium or large, or plan to have a business any time in near future can greatly benefit from this training. Also people who want to build careers in brand, can benefit from this training.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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