Advanced Master Course on Logistics Optimization, Material Management, Warehouse System Design & Distribution Channel training centre in Bangladesh


Advanced Master Course on Logistics Optimization, Material Management, Warehouse System Design & Distribution Channel


Back Ground
In his 12 years of work experience particularly in the United States, Australia, Middle East and Bangladesh, he has seen people are in big dilemma of choosing course and certificate which will be appropriate to them. Eventually there are two world`s recognized bodies for logistics and Supply Chain (except Procurement) which are APICS, USA and CILT. Fortunately his associations both APICS in the US as Research Scholar and CILT, Australian Chapter has been long. Previously one of his earlier certificate programs “Global Supply Chain” got a good response which was run at for more than a year in a row. His experience reveals that there is a definite need with a solid fundamental as well as case based training module both upstream as well as downstream Supply Chain trainings. Therefore, “Advanced Master Course on “Logistics Optimization, Material Management, Warehouse System Design and Distribution Channel” is a latest edition to participants who want to be master on supply chain downstream. The specialty of the course; is a combined module and curriculum being adapted from APICS, USA and CILT Australia Chapter. In one world, after successful commencement, you will be absolutely confident on Logistics and Warehouse Algorithms.

Objective of this Training
To design efficient, cost effective and capable to have highly flexible Supply Chain work environment in an organization, we need to focus on 4th generation Logistics System Design. Thus, in this workshop, we will focus more on Logistics System Design, Warehouse and to be specific downstream SCM.

Why Logistics is getting attention?
Rise in transportation cost; Production efficiency is reaching to a peak; Fundamental change in inventory philosophy; Product line proliferation; increased use of computers; large retail chains with huge demands and very sophisticated logistics services bypassing traditional channel distribution; Reduction in economic regulation; Growing power of retailers and Globalization.


Interactive lecture, PowerPoint Presentations, Audio Visuals, Group Discussions, Group Mathematical Exercise.

Contents of Training:

The Immediate Supply Chain for an Individual Firm

Definition of Logistics

Evolution of Logistics

The Logistics Mission Statement

Significance of Logistics

Key Activities/Processes

The Logistics Strategy Triangle

Relationship of Logistics to Marketing and Production

Relationship of Logistics to Marketing

Relationship of Logistics to Production

Contemporary Logistics Terms

Logistics Strategy and Planning

Flow of Logistics Planning

Logistics Objective

Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Decision Making

Six Concepts for Logistics Strategy Formulation

Choosing the Right Supply Chain Strategy

Product in the Planning Triangle

Product Life-Cycle Curve

Logistics/Supply Chain Customer Service

Customer Service in Planning Triangle

Customer Service Defined

Customer Service Elements

Penalties for Customer Service Failures

Most Important Customer Service Elements

Order Cycle Time

Components of a Customer Order Cycle

Modeling a Sales-Service Relationship

Service Contingencies

Order Processing and Information Systems

Order Processing and Information Systems in Planning Triangle

Typical Elements of Order Processing

Logistics/Supply Chain Control

Controlling in Logistics/Supply Chain Management

A Control Paradigm

Schematic of Control Process

Open-Loop Control System

Closed-Loop Control System

Auditing Performance

Benchmarking Performance

Scope of the SCOR Model


Introduction to Warehouse Management

Role of Warehouse Management

Warehouse and Logistics Strategy

Warehouse Cycle

Warehouse Planning

Analysis of Supply & Demand

Supply Data Analysis

Demand Basic Data Analysis

Inventory Basic Concepts

Product Characteristics

Analysis of Products

Inward / Outward Analysis

Product Characteristics & Groups

Basic flow for Operations

Operating Methods

Warehouse Methods

Select and Maintain Equipments

Selecting Equipments and Maintenance

Designing Warehouse Layout & Planning

Process of Warehouse Design and Planning Process

Operations Cost & Control

Warehouse Cost Calculations & Control


Distribution Channel

Activities in Physical Distribution System

Total Cost Concepts

Transportations Systems

Physical Supply System

Physical Distribution System

Transportations Consolidation System


Unitization Process

Material Handling

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This is an advanced level program with an amalgamation of logistics, MM, Warehouse and Distribution. Directors, General Managers, Senior Management position candidates will be highly benefitted. Candidates who have already completed Certificate on Global Supply Chain previously will be highly benefitted.

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