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Managing Occupational Health & Safety


This day long workshop demonstrates the outcomes, applied skills and working knowledge of an individual with supervisory responsibilities for implementing and monitoring the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) policies, procedures and programs in small, medium or large organization enterprise workplace. It further requires effective contribution to the application of a systematic approach to manage practicable, safe and minimum risks to the health of employees and others. In addition to that, participants will also gain operational knowledge on two famous Australian Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) Concepts, such as AS/NZS 4801:2001: OHSMS Specifications with guidance for use and AS/NZS 4804:2001: OHSMS guidelines on principles, systems and support procedures.

How participants will benefit after the course:
This workshop will enhance the following knowledge to the participants
- Internal and external sources of OHS information and data - build relationships with stakeholders (internal and external to the organisation)

- Importance of incorporating organisational policies and procedures for OHS

- International/legislative framework requirements for:
o Consultation
o Information and data collection
o Notification of incidents
o Record keeping
o Reporting of incidents

- Roles and responsibilities of personnel as specified in relevant OHS legislation and sequence tasks and meet timelines, if any

- OHS principles relating to:
o Hazard identification
o Hierarchy of control
o Risk management
o Systematic approaches to OHS and conflict management to address small disputes relating to OHS implementation issues

- Range of culturally appropriate communication strategies to communicate effectively with diverse abilities people at all levels of the organization.


The programme will be delivered using formal lectures engagement combined with interactive class exercises. There will be a great emphasis on gaining practical experiences.

Contents of Training:

Contribute to the implementation of information and data systems
- Identify and address requirements for record keeping
- Identify, access and evaluate sources of OHS information and data for application in the workplace
- Take actions to ensure that records are accurately completed, collected and stored
- Provide information and data to managers and stakeholders in a readily understood format

Contribute to the implementation of OHS strategies, systems and plans
- Determine OHS priorities in consultation with appropriate managers and in line with other consultative arrangements in the workplace
- Develop OHS action plans taking account of priorities
- Seek input from OHS specialists and technical advisors if required

Support integration of OHS within the overall management approach
- Identify other functional areas that impact on OHS
- Work with managers and stakeholders as appropriate to implement OHS action plan

Identify OHS implications of proposed changes to the workplace and provide advice to control risks
- Identify resulting hazards and assess potential risks
- Provide appropriate advice to control risks and action as appropriate

Identify implications of all sources of change to managing OHS and provide advice regarding those changes
- Identify and evaluate changes to relevant legislation for implications for managing OHS
- Identify and evaluate changes to relevant standards or industry practice for implications for managing OHS
- Monitor sources of information and data for impact on hazards, risks and the management of OHS

Evaluate effectiveness of the approach to managing OHS
- Consult stakeholders for input to the evaluation
- Identify, document and action areas for improvement

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Other Specialized
This course is designed for the following indicative job roles where candidates are either seeking entry as an officer or serving currently in a supervisory/coordinator role in HR and Compliance, Health and Safety Representative, Health and Safety Committee Member, Health and Safety Assistant.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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