Basics of Environment Management System and Green Production training centre in Bangladesh


Basics of Environment Management System and Green Production


Brief Introduction:
Understanding of Environment Management System (EMS) and Green Production (GP) is a way that helps us to bring improvement to our surrounding environment and to promote a clean and green environment. This course provides an overview of environmental issues and how EMS and GP can support environmental improvements at facilities that are subject to environmental regulations.

How participants will benefit after the course:

Key Learning Objectives:
A. Awareness of Environment Management System (EMS)
B. Understanding the interpretation of EMS (Environment Management System) according to ISO 14001:2004 standards.
C. Understanding the benefits of Green Environment initiatives

Participants will be able to -
1. start planning for implementation EMS/GP or plan for further improvement of existing EMS
2. know to practice strategic management for aligning business issues to significant environmental aspects.
3. get knowledge of managing protection of environment, environmental compliances and legislation
4. get an overview of Cleaner and Green Production


Power Point Lecturers, Discussion Session/ Case Study, and Q&A Session etc.

Contents of Training:

Session 1
1. Introduction
1.1. Introduction

2. Global Environmental Issues
2.1. Global Warming
2.2. Ozone Depletion
2.3. Depletion of Water Resources
2.4. Deforestation

Session 2
3. Strategic Environmental Management
3.1. Business Responsibility
3.2. Economy of Business Environment
3.3. Environmental Management Maturity

Session 3
4. Overview of Environment Management System (EMS)
4.1. Understanding Continuous Improvement
4.2. Benefits of EMS
4.3. Some EMS Related Terminologies and Definitions

5. Environment Management System (EMS) Policy & Planning
5.1. Understanding EMS Policy
5.2. Planning for EMS
5.3. Impact Analysis for Environmental Aspects

6. Legal and Other Requirements for EMS
6.1. Legal and Other Requirements
6.2. Setting Objectives and Determining Activities

7. Implementation and Operation of EMS
7.1. Roles, Responsibility, Accountability and Authority
7.2. Communication, Participation and Consultation
7.3. Documentation and Control of Documents
7.4. Operational and Administrative Control
7.5. Emergency Preparedness and Response

8. Checking EMS
8.1. Monitoring, Evaluation and Recording
8.2. Internal Auditing
8.3. Management Review

Session 4
9. Green Environment Initiatives
9.1. Understanding Green Environment
9.2. Benefits of Green Environment initiatives
Green environment lovers from all sectors including industrial production and service delivery, Management Representatives, Environmental Professionals, Executives from organizations willing to implement and maintain EMS, Managers who are actively involved in the development of EMS and GP.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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