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Strategic Brand Management


The art and science of growing your business through world class branding practices.

There is no denying that learning effective brand building is the most important skill that one can learn. That being said, how many of us really know how to use world class brand building principles in our day to day work to grow our business? There seems to be a lot of confusion about branding, and a lot of gap from what people need and what people know about brand building.

This two day long training aims to reduce that big, wide gap.

Day 1: In Day 1 you will learn the basics of branding and create a great foundation that can help you in all aspects of brand management in future.

Day 2: Day 2 will teach you the very latest, cutting edge brand building principles.


1.PowerpointPresentaion 2.Group Work 3.Group Presentation

Contents of Training:

1. Basic Principles: Basic understanding of brand and understanding of difference between Brand and Marketing, Brand and Selling, Brand and Advertising, Brand and Corporate Communication.

2. Understanding of Concepts: Basic brand building tools and concepts ** Brand Vision and Mission, Brand Positioning, Brand Differentiation, Brand Essence, Brand Equity, Brand Personality, Tone of Voice, Brand Character, Line extension, Brand Extension, Brand Architecture, Brand Endorsement.

3. Understanding of consumer behavior: Why customers buy, how they buy, different types of buying behavior, setting brand objectives for different aspects of consumer behavior and most importantly how to change consumer behavior through branding activities.

4. Understanding the role of a brand manager: From agency management to co-ordination to market share growth to budget management to strategy fixing.

5. Introduction to key brand building elements: Naming, Packaging, Color, Endorsement, Association.

6. Introduction to Market Research & Consumer Insight: How to conduct research, what research to conduct at which time, how to write research proposal and how to dig for key consumer insight. Also how to track if proper ROI is being generated from your branding activities.

7. Communication: Understanding of key brand communication techniques and promotional tools like Advertising, Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Corporate Communication, Corporate Social Responsibility, Internal Marketing, Sponsorships etc.

8. Touch-points: Understanding of touch-points and how to manage touch-points to create a holistic branded experience.

9. POS/Trade Marketing: How to ensure quality brand experience in the cluttered, fragmented and unstructured retail shops in Bangladesh.

10. Agency: How to write a world class advertising brief and work with 3rd party agencies to create memorable brand campaigns.

11. Top trends in Consumer Behavior: Understanding of the ten biggest consumer trends in the world right now and five biggest trends in Bangladesh right now and how brand builders can seize those opportunities.

12. Corporate Branding: How brand building lessons can be spread all around the organization which shows how every employee of an organization can be turned into the biggest channel for an organization to build brands.

13. Blue Ocean Strategy: Here we will learn the key aspects of Blue Ocean Strategy and how we can use this to deal with competition as well as create world class brands.

14. Sensory Branding: How to use all of our 5 senses to increase the impact of our brand building activities. We will learn from great brands like Singapore Airlines and Nokia, about Sensory branding.

15. Social Media: How social media is changing the way brand building is done world-wide.

16. Brand Building for Special Target Groups ** Women and Senior Citizens: How to customize your marketing efforts to target women and senior citizens through distinct brand building initiatives.

17. How to build a lifestyle brand: How brands all over the world target young generation and learning from the lessons of iconic youth brands like MTV, Pepsi, Diesel.

18. Re-branding & Re positioning: Learning how to change the position, name or logo of your brand to create a new image and position in customers mind.

19. Brand portfolio management: How to create a great fighter brand to wrestle market share from the leader. Also, how to handle multiple brands and handle a portfolio.

20. Word of Mouth / Brand Buzz: How to create great word of mouth and buzz around your brand.

21. Customer Service: How brand building principles can be used to create great services oriented organizations.

22. Case Study: Analysis on great International brand case studies: Apple, Coca Cola, Nike, Red Bull, Nokia, McDonalds.

The participants will actually know how to implement the ideas learned through small group and individual assignments and tasks.

No lecturing, only Learning by doing method.

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Professionals involved in brand management.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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