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Leadership Skills


Learning Objectives:
Develop skills and techniques to be become a transformational leader. Leaders are charismatic and confident people. Being confident to communicate in a variety of situations, one-to-one, in groups and in front of audiences is a skill that many people struggle with. A charismatic person can not only appear confident in communication but they can also help others feel confidence too, thus aiding and enhancing the communication process. Charismatic people are confident in a positive way, without being boastful or egotistical. Learn to deal with different types of personality and handle difficult situations and gain skills that allow to keep positive attitude in those situations.


This course is not a theoretical course; it is built around practical skills. In teaching each skill, learning point is presented, advantages are illustrated, and examples are discussed. Each participant practices and gains confidence in using the skills. Video clips, role-play, exercises, and case studies are used to give participants hands-on skill practice. Participants receive instructor�s and peer�s feedback and develop a plan for on-the-job reinforcement of the skills.

Contents of Training:

MODULE 1: Being charismatic to become a transformational leader
Building Confidence
Improving Self-Esteem
Create Optimism
Strong Imagination Power

MODULE: 2 Communication Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Presentation Skills
Writing Skills
Personal Skills

MODULE: 3 Personal appearance is essential for good leadership
Body Language
Facial Expressions
Clothes and Grooming
Personal Image

MODULE: 4 Decision making skills is required for a transformational leader
Effective Decision Making
Stages of Decision Making
Listing Possible Solutions/Options
Setting a Time Scale and Deciding Who is Responsible for the Decision

MODULE: 5 Effective problem solving skills are essential
Problem Identification
Structuring the Problem
Looking for Possible Solutions
Making a Decision

MODULE: 6 Effective Time Management
Learn to Prioritise
Get Organised
Have a Schedule
Don`t Put it Off

MODULE: 7 Learn how to handle difficult situation and stay calm
Be Assertive
Try to Stay Calm and Focused
Use Appropriate Verbal and Non-Verbal Language
Be Prepared to Negotiate

MODULE: 8 Develop public speaking skills
Slow down
Pause occasionally

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Other Specialized
This course is specifically designed for individuals and corporate employees who want to improve their leadership skills and able to lead effectively is based on a number of key skills. These skills are highly sought after by employers as they involve dealing with people in such a way as to motivate, enthuse and build respect. Ideally a leader wants people to follow them because of the trust and respect they have earned – not because they are told to. Leadership roles are all around us, not just in a work environment, and although these pages focus on leadership skills from the perspective of working in an organization, the skills can be applied to any situation where you are required to take the lead.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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