Creative Problem Solving with NLP training centre in Bangladesh


Creative Problem Solving with NLP


Life has its ups and downs. Life, like a game of football, wouldn`t be any fun without its challenges. Hence, no problems, no fun! With that in mind, this program encourages us to be creative and have fun when finding solutions to our problems, i.e. using creativity as a resource to find solutions.

Briefly, this program is a cross between a creativity program and a problem solving program.

The key ingredient of this program which differentiates itself from other similar training programs is the active usage of NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming both a tool to enhance creativity and in the presentation of the program itself.

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
- Build a level of confidence that they can be creative.
- Acquire & apply skills of developing solutions using creativity to solve problems.
- Practice and acquire the art of NLP in creating solutions.

Description of Activities:
Preparing the Creative Mind
# Participants will learn to prepare the mind to learn the creative tools.
# Participants will learn to switch on their creative abilities.

A Matter of Perception
# Participants will learn what goes on in the mind and body when it conceives a perception.
# Participants will learn the ability to see the world from other people`s perception.

Excite The Senses!
# Participants will learn to sharpen and control their senses.
# By controlling and sharpening their senses, participants will be able to be aware of themselves and their surroundings which would help them switch on their creative abilities.

Innovation: Why Not!
# Participants will learn to put their perceptions to the test and develop innovative solutions to real problems.

Stages of Creating Solutions
# Participants will learn the general steps to creating solutions.

Installing Strategies
# Participants will learn a good, all purpose strategy for creative thinking and is effective when used informally with a team.

# Participants will learn to put problems in a different frame of mind to enable new possible solutions to be developed.

Actionable Plans
# Participants will be coached to write their learning into a practical actionable plan.


Activities, workshop, discussion, real life case studies.

Contents of Training:

Preparing the Creative Mind
# I am Creative too!
# What Box?

A Matter of Perception
# My Perception and the Filter of Experience
# Perceptual Positions
# Your Perception

Excite The Senses!
# Sensory Acuity

Innovation: Why Not!

Stages of Creating Solutions
# Preparation/analysis
# Incubation/synthesis
# Illumination/eureka
# Execution/testing

Installing Strategies
# The Disney Creativity Strategy

# The 5 Creative Solutions Frame
# Chunking

Actionable Plan
Anyone wishes to develop the skills.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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