Advanced Warehouse Planning, Operations, Performance Benchmark and Control training centre in Bangladesh


Advanced Warehouse Planning, Operations, Performance Benchmark and Control


This training has been designed through a balanced approach based on the theory and current industry practice. In the developed countries particularly in the US, Europe and even in the Middle East (Dubai), the gigantic sized warehouse speaks its complexity, rigorousness need for management skills and advancements in terms of operational process flow, inventory control, data mining and retrieval technology.

To measure the level of productivity, safety, storage density, inventory accuracy, shipping accuracy, dock to stock time, and warehouse order cycle time etc of a warehouse is necessary as these are vital elements as of today to benchmark operational efficiency of a company`s Supply Chain. Today operational efficiency means: speed, time, cost, reliability, flexibility, and dependability. All of these can never be achieved without the consolidation and gaining advanced knowledge on warehouse.

Supply Chain is the only area where a company can optimize its efficiency through cost reduction, gain competitive advantage over its competitions. To grab all of these, a company must have either engage a 3PL company to run smooth warehousing or else bring efficiency and learn cutting edge technology on warehousing. Whatsoever is the choice, the requirement of warehousing and the demand for skilled warehouse personnel can never be avoided rather opportunities are there to negotiate with employers with comparatively higher salary and wages, provided a person is equipped with modern knowledge and gain acquaintance with warehouse science. This workshop will give a platform to gain first hand practical experience, current practice, with complete warehousing procedures.


Interactive lecture, PowerPoint Presentations, Audio Visuals, Group Discussions, Group Mathematical Exercise.

Contents of Training:

1. Fundamentals of Warehouse Management
Role of Warehouse
Warehouse Objective, Accountabilities
Warehouse Strategy

2. Demand and Supply of Product
Supplier Profile
Demand Profile
Warehouse Analysis
ABC Analysis
Inventory Analysis

3. Warehouse Operations Flow
Diagram of Warehouse Operations
Inbound, Storage, Picking, Outbound
Process and Challenges: Receive, Put Away, Storage and Dispatch
Shelving Process in Warehouse
Order Receiving and Delivery Process: Order Receive, Pick, Ship
Physical Inventory Counting

4. Material Handling
Efficient Material Handling Procedure and Global Instruments

5. Safety Measures in Warehouse
Safety Procedures in World Class Warehouse

6. Design of Layout Planning for Warehouse
Space Calculation Procedures
Racking Process in Warehouse
Dockyard Management

7. Warehouse Resource Planning
Calculations and Justification for Cadre Planning

8. Budgeting and Costing
How to do budgeting and costing for Warehouse Annually

9. Performance Measurement and Gap Analysis

10. Reporting of Warehouse in SAP (ERP), Different T Codes

11. Warehouse Leadership
Conflicts, Grievance Handling, Shrinkage, Shift Management

12. Transport Management and Legal Compliance in Bangladesh

13. Report on Warehouse and Presentation

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The professionals who are working or interested in working on warehouse management.
Those wish to pursue their career in the relevant sector.
The professionals who are with the Store and inventory functions in their workplace.
Professionals working or newly joined in supply chain, procurement and logistics management functions.

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