`Waqf Estate` & The Management System of waqf property training centre in Bangladesh


`Waqf Estate` & The Management System of waqf property


Bangladesh is the second biggest Muslim country as per population. Traditionally the people of this region are religious. Specially the muslims are devoted to their religion.Due to devotion of religion the muslims sometimes donated or waqf property for religious and charitable purposes following the muslim laws. But because of lack of proper knowledge, the donation or waqf is not done properly. Many muslims do not know the details about waqf.They do not know what types of property can be waqf and how waqf property can be enlisted. How the waqf property is administered and who is the right person to administer it. What are the duties of Motowally and for the genuine cause how Motowally can be discharged.


Contents of Training:

Course outline:
1st session :

i) Waqf Estate. Component of waqf.
ii) Types of waqf.Objectives of waqf.
iii) What types of property can be waqf.
iv) Waqf Administrator. Duties of waqf Administrator. Enlistment of waqf property in the office of the waqf Administrator.
v) Power of the waqf Administrator to takeover and handover of the waqf property.
vi) Registration of waqf property.
vii) Appeal against the order of the waqf Administrator.
viii) Discharge of waqf Administrator.

2nd Session :

i) Waqf committee.Structure of the waqf committee. Duties of the waqf committee.
ii) Motowally,Who can be appointed as Motowally?Appointment system of Motowally.
iii) Duties of Motowally.
iv) Application`s power of Motowally to waqf Administrator.
v) Power of Motowally to change waqf property and investment of money and spend of money.
vi) Motowally,s power to loan,compromise and dealings related to waqf property.
vii) Purchase of waqf property by Motowally .Salary/Fees/Wages of Motowally.
viii) Resign,Retirement and discharge of Motowally.

3rd Session:

i) Waqf fund.
ii) Application of fund. Maintaining and audit of fund.
iii) Remidies according to the audit.
iv) Application for inquiry and Audit of wafq property.
v) Right to to get copy of the document.

4th Session:

i) Case fileing for wafq property by waqf Administrator
ii) Waqf Administrator may a party in the case.
iii) Waqf Administrator will get notice in the case related to wafq property.
iv) Deposite money for decree of waqf property.

5TH Session:

Summarization of the whole discussion and feedback of the session.

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i) The person who wants to waqf his/her property properly.
ii) Beneficiary of the waqf property.
iii) Successors of the waqf property.
iv) The person who are in the waqf committee.
v) Who are incharge as Motowally.
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