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Freelance Accounting in Local Market


Outsourcing includes the contracting out of a business procedure to another organization or individual which is otherwise called business handle outsourcing. Organizations essentially outsource to diminish certain costs, for example, fringe or `non-center` operational expense, high charges, high vitality costs, unreasonable government control, creation and work costs.

Accounting Outsourcing is an opportunity that is waiting to serve thousands of SMEs who don`t have formal job opening to Accountants. These SMEs are deprived of a good accounting and inventory reporting system. Accounting Outsourcing will open the win-win opportunities to both Accountants and those SMEs. Also banks` SME division can greatly be benefited from this course.

Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping is an ideal solution where it is not feasible to recruit staff to provide accounting and bookkeeping support.


Hands-on practical sessions.

Contents of Training:

Session 01
Accounting Basics
Industry wise Chart of Accounts Designing

Session 02
Accounting Transaction and Record Keeping
Digital Documentation of Transactions

Session 03 & 04
Cloud Accounting Solutions - QuickBooks Online & E-Counting

Session 05
Accounting Services Listing

Session 06
Accounting Services Marketing

Session 07

Session 08

Session 09
P to P ( Procure to Pay )
O 2 C ( Order to Cash )
R to R ( Record to Report )

Session 10
Call Center Support After Training

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Business and commerce background graduates and professionals. SME business Owners, NGO professional.

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