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Business Intelligence with MS Power BI


Business Intelligence with MS Power BI course imparts skills and knowledge to analyze, visualize and report data using Microsoft Power BI. Power BI is a suite of tools for Business Analytics that allows corporate users to analyze data and get insights that can help in making right business decisions. This Power BI training covers the latest tools to monitor business growth and quickly get answers on any device through rich reporting features and dashboards. Learn how to connect and import your data, author reports, publish reports, create dashboards, and share with business users so that they utilize the business intelligence gathered in dashboards through the web as well as mobile devices.

This Power BI course is best suited for Business Intelligence professionals who are required to generate reports and analyze data using Microsoft Power BI. This course is designed to give students a good understanding of data analysis with Microsoft Power BI such as creating visualizations, the Power BI Service, and the Power BI Mobile App.

How participants will benefit after course
 Learning fundamental of Business Intelligence.
 Understand primary features of a self-service Power BI solution.
 Perform Power BI desktop data transformation.
 Describe Power BI desktop modelling.
 Create a Power BI desktop visualization.
 Implement the Power BI service.
 Describe how to connect to Excel data.
 Describe how to collaborate with Power BI data.
 Utilize Power BI and its data sources.
 Combine, analyze, model, shape, and visualize data.
 Report data using rich dashboards.


Interactive practical session with power point presentation VIA ZOOM

Contents of Training:

Session-01: Fundamental of Business Intelligence
# What is Business Intelligence?
# History of Business Intelligence
# What Business Intelligence Do?
# The main benefits of Business Intelligence
# Business Intelligence process
# Data types and different sources of data
# Different terminology of data & Business Intelligence
# Big data & IOT
# Data mining and its techniques
# Decision making process
# Business Intelligence tools in the market.

Session-02: Get Started with Power BI
# A better way to better data
# Introduction
# Use MS Power BI
# Building blocks of Power BI
# Tour and use the Power BI service
# Summary
# Check your knowledge

Session-03: Create and Share Your First Power BI Report
# Bring your data to life
# Introduction
# Connect to data source in Power BI desktop
# Clean and transfer data with power query editor
# Exercise- create visuals in Power BI
# Exercise-share a Power BI report
# Summary
# Check your knowledge

Session-04: Hands-on Power BI & Lab Test
# Hands-on session in following business function's real dataset, report & dashboard:
# Sales & Marketing
# Accounting & Finance
# Human Resources Management
# Supply Chain Management
# Production and Operation Management.

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Any professional who involve in business decision making process or helps decision makers by providing real time & actionable insights. This course is suitable for them who wants to build their career in Management Information System, Financial Analysis, Business Analytics & Strategic Business Planning related functions.

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