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Advanced Excel Table, Charts, PivotTable, PivotChart and Dashboard Reporting


Microsoft Excel is most widely used productivity tool in today`s corporate world. Day to day corporate analysis, reporting tools and applications are prepared with Excel. Corporate industry requires highest level of Microsoft Excel proficiency. To managing and analyzing a group of related data easier, we can turn a range of cells into an Excel Table. And a Pivot Table gathers all the data in an Excel spreadsheet and presents a summary of this data in a table. Charts and graphs are used to make information clearer and easier to understand. And Dashboard reports allow managers to get high-level overview of the business and help them make quick decisions. It will be an advantage for course attendees to learn practical and advanced usages of this mostly renowned Excel tools for their daily task in multiple ways.


Practical examples, exercises & case studies with Q&A discussion sessions. The course is designed for practical Excel applications at participants“ works rather than theoretical notes. Presentation slides will be provided after course usage. Participants will go through with relevant examples that they can relate to their daily office works.

Contents of Training:

INTRODUCTION :Various Parts of the XL Window

Advanced Excel Table:
What is an Excel Table?
Benefits of Excel Table
Preparing Data
Creating an Excel Table
Choosing Formatting Style
Naming an Excel Table
Rename an Excel Table
Sorting & Filtering Data
Remove the Filter Arrows
Show/Hide Header Rows in a Table
Show/Hide Totals in a Table
Subtotal Function in Total Row
Auto Expansion of Table Areas
Refer to Table Column in Different Formulas
Insert Slicer
Convert Table Back to a Range

Advanced Charts:
What is Charts?
Benefits of Charts
Sort Data Before Charting
Create a Chart
Change Chart Type
Switch Row/Column
Add/Remove Chart Title
Data Labels
Legend Position
Move the Legend
Display/Hide Chart Axes or Gridlines
Save a Chart as a Template
Bar Chart
Column Chart
Line Chart
Pie Charts
Area Charts
Combined Chart
Waterfall Chart
Gantt Chart
Funnel Chart
Organization Chart
Remove Noise
Add Descriptive Titles
Don`t Make People Head Tilt
Clean Up Axes

Advanced PivotTable & PivotChart:
What is Pivot Table?
Benefits of PivotTable
Required Checklist for Pivot Table
Preparing Source Data in Tabular Format
Creating a PivotTable
Formatting PivotTables
Arranging / Pivoting Data
Add Columns
Changing the Way Values are Displayed
Formatting Values
Grouping Data
Calculated Fields
Sorting and Filtering Data
Refreshing a PivotTable
Extending the Dataset
Replace Blank Cells in a Pivot Table
Expand or Collapse Field Headings
Add or Remove Expand or Collapse buttons
Insert Slicers
Change the Pivot Table Layout
Turn On or Off Subtotals
Turn On or Off Grand Totals
Recommended PivotTables
Using Various Conditional Formatting Styles
Format Numbers as Invisible Text
Add a Second Field to the Values Area
Prevent Column Width Changing on Update
Pivot Charts

Dashboard Reporting:
What is a Dashboard?
How Dashboard Differ from a Report?
Benefits of Dashboard
Things to Consider Before Creating a Dashboard
Tips to Create a Dashboard
Interactive Tools for Dashboard
Dashboard Do`s and Don'ts
Preparing Raw Data into Tabular Format
Analyze the Data
Creating a Dashboard
Dashboard Reporting
And so on…

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This is an exclusive for them who have experience working with Microsoft Excel and would like to learn more about Pivot Table, Pivot Chart and dashboards.

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