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Shipment & Export Documentation


Our world is becoming more connected than ever. The relation between different countries is getting stronger with the increasing developments in technology. As the world becomes more global and connected, International Business can be a useful asset to bring people and countries together. To start a successful international business, we need a product or service which is in demand in overseas markets, as well as the necessary Management commitment, resources, minimum budget, export skills, and information to support sustained exporting activities over the longer term. So we need a simple strategy, where everyone in the company will involve in achieving export results is aware of the plan and has a sense of engagement with it.

Benefits:From this training, we will learn;
# Potential Export market identification
# International market research & analysis
# Country specific business planning
# Export Order Processing
# Execution shipment & release of consignment


Exercise, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

1. Introduction of International Trade (Export)
2. International Market Research & Analysis
3. Market Development Procedure
4. Product Development Procedure
5. Shipment procedure
6. C&F agent & Customs Formalities
7. Freight Forwarding & Container Booking
8. Bank, Customs & VAT documentation
9. Incoterms & International Payment Methods
10. Distribution & Logistics
11. Arranging Customs clearance
12. Execution shipment & release of the consignment
13. List of Export Documents
14. Country Specific Practical Export Documentation

• India Shipment Documentation
• Nepal Shipment Documentation
• Bhutan Shipment Documentation
• Myanmar Shipment Documentation
• Malaysia Shipment Documentation
• Singapore Shipment Documentation
• Sri Lanka Shipment Documentation
• Maldives Shipment Documentation
• Afghanistan Shipment Documentation
• Saudi Arabia Shipment Documentation
• United Arab Emirates Shipment Documentation
• Bahrain Shipment Documentation
• Qatar Shipment Documentation
• Kenya Shipment Documentation
• Tanzania Shipment Documentation
• Vietnam Shipment Documentation
• Philippines Shipment Documentation
• UK Shipment Documentation
• Ireland Shipment Documentation
• Canada Shipment Documentation

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1. Export-Import Young Professionals
2. Young Entrepreneur
3. New Business Owner
4. University Business Students

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