7 Best Sales Techniques to become the Champion Sales Person training centre in Bangladesh


7 Best Sales Techniques to become the Champion Sales Person


In business world it is Sales that actually generates revenue. Organization with more dynamic salespeople always have the higher chance to create higher revenue. As we know a sales person have to work with ample amounts of negativity. By proper guidance a Salespeople will learn the best technique to close a deal. This training will cover a vast area of sales technique that will help a sales person to become dynamic in this field.


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Group work, Practical and real life examples.

Contents of Training:

1st Session
⇒ Best Sales Technique 1: Sales Conviction.
⇒ Execution of Conviction in work place.
⇒ Best Sales Technique 2: Listen to Customer.
⇒ Execution of Technique 2 in Work Place.
⇒ Best Sales Technique 3: Utilizing Connector
⇒ Best Sales Technique 4: Promote Core and End Benefit.
⇒ Execution of Technique 3 and 4 in work place.

2nd Session
⇒ Best Sales technique 5: Apply the theory of average
⇒ Best sales Technique 6: Influencing Sales Funnel
⇒ Implementation of Technique 5 and 6 in work place
⇒ Best Sales Technique 7: Customer account management.
⇒ Implementation of Technique 7 in work place
⇒ Overall review and Implementation of Best sales Techniques.

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- All Entry and Mid level Sales and Marketing professional who are working or intent to build career in Marketing and Sales arena in Competitive Industry like; FMCG, Bank, Financial Institutions, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Building Materials, Food Industry, Retail Chain, Logistics, Supply Chain, Apparels, Accessories etc.

- Graduate Executives, who are working in the corporate world and intent to do MBA in future (or Possessing MBA at Present).

- Business Development Managers and Distribution Development Managers of corporate houses.

- Professionals of New Business Ventures, who wants to build their business in long term.

- Young Entrepreneurs who are intent to Start New Business in FMCG and Consumer Market.

- Independent Business Entity Owners dealing with FMCG and consumer goods.

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