How to be Excellent in Corporate Sales training centre in Bangladesh


How to be Excellent in Corporate Sales


“If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.”–Zig Ziglar

Corporate sales are the crown of the sales division. This department deals with other company’s C-Levels and key decision-makers. This department not only generates revenue but also creates an image and value for the company. Entire corporate sales should be sharp, smart, and well organized traditionally as well as digitally.

Recognizing and overcoming the common pitfalls associated with growth is essential if your business is to continue to grow and thrive. Crucially, you need to ensure that the steps you take today don't themselves create additional problems for the future.

After completing this training participants will gain the following capabilities:

• Developing sales pitches and materials using self-conducted market analysis.
• Digitally advanced in corporate sales. .
• How to make an appointment with unknown prospects? .
• How to follow prospects without annoying them. .
• How to make a customer life cycle database. .
• What to do, ‘When a prospect says no, we are happy with existing product/services’.
• What to do, ‘When a prospect says please call me after some days/ or reluctant to receive phone calls. .
• What to do, ‘When a prospect says, I think your price is high.’ .
• Adaptability of changing in the fast-moving corporate world. .
• Developing sales talent through the use of sales management techniques.
• Closing techniques and how to negotiate for the best possible deal.
• Keeping you motivated through the use of compassion and other interpersonal skills. .
• Overcome any tough situation in front of customers. .
• Keeping customers a long time with the business. .
• Prospecting and Pipeline Management. .
• Prospects mind mapping.
• Influence to the influencer.
• The key selling skills to become a Successful Corporate Business Manager. .


Applied sales approach, Power point presentation, Group exercise, interactive lecture, Discussion & Practical Session, roll playing, Q & A session.

Contents of Training:

Session: 1
i) Key understanding of corporate sales.
ii) Corporate sales process & Strategy.
iii) Impact of blue and red ocean strategy on corporate sales.
iv) Similarity and dissimilarity in corporate sales, B2B sales, Institutional Sales, and key account management.
v) Developing sales pitches and materials using self-conducted market analysis.
vi) Key attributes of Corporates Business Manager

Session: 2
i) Key factors of corporate relationship.
ii) How CRM work in corporate sales.
iii) Understanding customer need
iv) LIER theory.
v) MUST DOs incorporate sales-Real life examples.
vi) MUST AVOID in Corporate Sales-Real life examples.
vii) ‘Business belongs to company but the customer is yours’-How to practice it.

Session: 3
i) The Money, Time, Need, Urgency, Trust (MT.NUT) method to conquer a sale. How it impacts real-life sales?
ii) Mindset winning strategy
iii) Trust and 7 ways to build your trust to prospect.
iv) Price Vs. Cost Vs. Value.
v) Key elements of prospect buying roadmap.
vi) Objection and opportunity theory.

Session: 4
i) Key influence of digital marketing on corporate sales.
ii) How to generate referral customers from digital marketing.
iii) Importance of corporate communication.
iv) Corporate communication and follow up.
v) How Digital marketing vibrates corporate sales process.
vi) How to influencer to Influencer.
vii) Revenue growth matrix.
viii) Pipeline management.
ix) Adaptable in changing world

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✔ Entry-level, Mid-level sales professional.
✔ Fresh graduates who intend to build careers in sales and marketing.
✔ Nonbusiness background sales and marketing head professionals.
✔ Established and young Entrepreneur who wants to increase revenue faster.
✔ Self-driven professionals who are doing business based on relationships.
✔ Self-driven individuals who are generating business from other businesses.
✔ Relationship managers and general sales team of the bank.

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