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Business Finance for Managers and Leaders


Managers are committed to their financial and non-financial deliverables under competitive business and professional environment. They continuously drive the business towards targeted topline, bottom-line and other monetary & non-monetary parameters. So, basic understanding on the financial matters impacting business give them competitive edge. Managers may undergo a session which will cover pain-in-the-neck business issues which belong to finance domain. This training can play the role of enabler for them in applying financial techniques in day-to-day operation and thereby they can be ahead in meeting their ultimate goal.


# Refreshing skill, confidence and competence to master the numbers influencing the business
# An understanding as to how your decisions impact the interest of relevant stakeholders
# The ability to focus clearly and concisely on critical financial indicators
# Capability on decision-making techniques based on relevant financial data
# Working shoulder to shoulder with Finance department.


Delegate will develop expertise in the areas of:
# Understanding and analyze the state of enterprise as exhibited in Financial Statements
# Applying finance techniques in taking sustainable business decisions
# Win-win negotiation with external and internal stakeholders
# Relating the concepts with real life problem

Managers as well as Team Leaders at level of an enterprise must not be a number cruncher. Rather, they need to grasp the implication of accounting results or make further analysis to take quick business decision. So, learning accounting will not make any sense for these Business Captains! Keeping that in mind, some technical contents coupled with practical example to be delivered in the course to develop a solid perception on applied finance.


Interactive, Live screen sharing, Q/A session

Contents of Training:

# The structure and meaning of different parts of Financial Statements i.e. Income Statement, Financial Position, Cash flow statement etc.
# Basic accounting concepts and terminology including accruals, depreciation, current and non-current assets & liabilities.
# Introduction to ratio analysis and significance thereof in understanding Financial Statements
# Cost sheet and basic elements thereof
# Budgetary Control including preparation techniques of budget, analyzing variances
# Break even analysis and its importance in enterprises
# Differential Accounting: multiple decision making techniques
# Importance of Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) etc. and their application in business
# Share valuation under various approaches
# Working Capital: profitability depends on its efficient management
# What is Responsibility Accounting? How to implement in the business?
# Some important concepts for intelligent business management: ABC, Target Costing, JIT
# Value Added Tax: Basic understanding to comply with VAT Law of Bangladesh
# High-level overview on Income Tax for individual and corporate taxpayers
# Ethics: Can we ignore it to become a benchmark?

All the above topics will be linked to the business focusing its consistent growth.

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This course has been outlined for an incumbent Manager as well as an emerging Manager irrespective of the area of working. People working in different verticals like Operations, Sales, Production, Finance, HR, Marketing, Supply Chain, IT and all others can attend this training session. His/her ultimate objective is to add real value to the business for its sustainable growth. Prior knowledge in finance is never a matter for this training! You just need to have the passion to wear the shoes of Finance in taking the ladder of success in your career.

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