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Telemarketing and Telesales


These days almost every business uses telemarketing and telesales in order to improve their business performances. As for rapid advancement in Technology, communication through telephone has become easier and cheaper. Inbound and outbound Call Centers can perform Telemarketing and Telesales effectively in any business (whether it is business-to-business or business-to-consumer). The best in class companies are using Telemarketing and Telesales practices to improve their lead generation, promote their sales initiative which eventually reduces cost and accelerate overall revenue growth.
Telemarketing and Telesales is not only making call to customer/prospects following a list, it requires a very specific skills set. It also needs to develop a thorough process (planning, execution, and follow up) to be effective. To set-up telesales or telemarketing, company should have skilled employees with proper knowledge to run operation fruitfully. And proper customer insight management system should be in place to have productive telesales and telemarketing functions.
Building strong bonds with prospective clients is a critical aspect of every marketing strategy. Telemarketing and Telesales representative must be an excellent communicator, need to hold high level of people management skills and extreme level of ego resilience. They must know the art of presenting products or services over the phone. Once the sale is completed, customer service`s role becomes important to maintain sustainable relationship with customers.

Course Objective:

This training focuses on comprehensive skills and knowledge necessary to manage Telemarketing and Telesales functions. Course content covers tactical management from the most fundamental tasks of scripting, data plotting to customer relationship management

Training outcome:

After successful completion of the training the participants will be able to:
# Implement and manage Telemarketing and Tele sales system/teams.
# Ensure more productive communication with prospects/customers.
# Identify strategies for effective Tele sales and Telemarketing management.
# Increase revenue generation while maintaining customer relationship


Interactive Lecture, Video clips, Role Play, Practical exercise, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

Lesson 1: Setting objective and Process / Planning for Success
# Type of Customers & handling process. (Customer personality & sales perspective).
# Understanding Customer benefits and why Customers buy.
# Types of Outbound Call, Cross sale, Up sale.
# Steps to successful Telemarketing Call.
# Call handling template (scripting).
# Tools and technique.

Lesson 2 : Building Profitable Relationships
# Pre-call planning.
# Creating first impression in sales Call.
# How to influence People.
# Friendly rapport building technique.
# Ways to gain prospect`s attention.

Lesson 3: Effective Communication Skills
# The Art and Science of Asking Questions
# How to improve listening skill.
# Effective Writing Leads to Effective Support
# Appropriate use of tone and language in communications
# Effective follow-up technique
# Proper handling of client objections .Skills and techniques on how to handle angry customers.

Lesson 4: Serving the customer after sales
# key stages of after-sales support.
# Ways to delight customers after the sale.

Lesson :5 Data management ( CRM)
# Identifying and using a good list .
# Maintaining DNC(do not call) list.
# Recording information for the future and the use of CRM.
# Measurement and KPI`s.

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Marketing/ Sales
• Leaders responsible for forming /monitoring Tele sales/ telemarketing teams.
• Owners of any business who have Tele sales/ telemarketing teams.
• Sales managers and Marketing managers.
• Telemarketers who worked in outsourced Call Centre.
• Individuals who want to develop career in Customer service and Sales.

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