Microsoft Excel for HR and Administrative Professionals training centre in Bangladesh


Microsoft Excel for HR and Administrative Professionals


Human Resource Management and Administration requires good hands on knowledge in Microsoft Excel. Day to day HR and Admin data analysis, reporting, tools and applications are prepared with Excel. It will be an advantage for course attendees to learn practical and advanced usages of Excel in HR and Admin field. Excel allows us to accomplish a task in multiple ways which will be shown to attendees with Pros and Cons of the methods.

How participants will benefit after the course
HANDS ON EXPERIENCES. Most widely practiced HR and related Excel topics are covered in the course syllabus with practical exercises. Participants will do the live exercises along with the trainer to learn faster and effectively. Learning the required Excel functionalities in course will ensure participants high performance in their career and academics.


Live class viz ZOOM

Contents of Training:

1. Highlight above and below average performers

2. Count number of managers or any designation in a company

3. Find number of employees joined on particular date/month in an department in any country

4. Total number of employees in the company in different departments

5. Dynamically calculate monthly salary expenses

6. Find the total salary expenses in different regions, different departments

7. Find length of service or age in years, months and days

8. Find tenure/years of service of employees

9. Find the number of leaves taken by any employee with Pivot Table

10. Calculate number of yearly leaves taken by employees with Formula

11. Validate the hire/join date upon data entry

12. Set the department of an employee through data validation

13. Creating custom series for skills, departments, job positions etc.

14. Measuring the cost of staff turnover

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Executives, Managers, Teachers, Developers, Students, Researchers and people who use Microsoft Excel for HR and Admin related activities

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