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How to Purchase a Land with Verification


It’s a natural tendency of a human being to acquire the property. As property, people emphasize immovable property. In this connection, at first, they choose to land. By their all efforts, even sometimes selling precious gold, people buy a piece of land for shelter and their future generation. But lack of proper knowledge of verification of proposed property or land people sometimes falls into trouble. They get cheated by a broker or other person and lose money. Sometimes people face the problem of false deeds. The employees of the financial institute and Bank are facing false deed’s problems when they verify property before providing sanction loan.


PowerPoint presentation, Question and Answer session, Practical acquaintance with the documents (such as- CS, SA, RS, City Khatian, DCR, Dakhila, Deed), Presentation of a sample Mutation case Record.

Contents of Training:

(A) Land Purchasing Verification & Registration system:
1. Laws & Rules relating to property or land purchasing.
2. Right& duties of buyer and seller of land.
3. To buy a land how the buyer’s will verify the proposed sale land.
4. Verification system in Land office (Tahsil office) & A.C (Land) office.
5. Search System in Sub-Registry office.
6. Prescribe Application form of Search, Inspection & copy.
7. Fees of Search, Inspection & copy.
8. Fixation of Value of sale land.
9. Sale Deed (Sale contract).
10. Condition of property/Land under sale deed.
11. Sale Deed’s Registration fees.
12. Which Deed’s Registration is mandatory.
13. Deed writing.
14. Prescribe Deed writing form.
15. What information and document will have to enclosed in the deed.
16. Deed execution & Deed presentation to Sub-Register office for Registration.
17. Who can present Deed to Sub-Register office.
18. Submission time of Deed and its impact.
19. Various fees of Deed Registration.
20. Rate of Stamp fees and system of payment.
21. Rate of Registration fees and system of payment.
22. Rate of Local Govt. Tax and system of payment.
23. Rate of income Tax and system of payment.
24. Rate of income Tax for transfer Land, Building & Apartment by Rajuk, CDA, KDA, RDA & National Housing Authority.
25. Rate of income Tax for transfer Land, Building & Apartment by Real Estate Company.
26. VAT for purchasing immovable property (Land & Building).
27. TIN Certificate for Registration.
28. Certificate for Registration & Registration Receipt.
29. Sample of Receipt.
30. Deed Refund after Registration.
31. What is Transfer of Property.
32. Who can Transfer property.
33. Transfer of property by a co-sharer.
34. Transfer of joint property by joint proprietor.
35. Result of sale same property/Land to different person’s.
36. Transfer of case related property when case is running.
37. Fraudulent Transfer.
38. Action for Re-writing, Delete writing & Blank in the Deed.
39. Action of Deed which executed out side of Bangladesh.
40. Deed Registration by Commission & Commission fee.
41. Action of Deed of property which lies in different Upo-Zilla of same District.
42. Deed Registration of property which lies in different District.
43. Deed execution by minor.
44. Correction of Deed.
45. Deed Registration in favor of Institute.

(B) False Deed
1. False Deed.
2. How you identify false Deed.
3. Action for doubting false Deed.
4. Case filing in the Civil Court to repeal false Deed.
5. Case filing in the Criminal Court for the punishment of false deed creator.

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(i) Any Citizen who are interested.
(ii) Bankers.
(iii) Employees of financial organizations.
(iv) Employees of housing & real estate company.
(v) Law officer of a company.
(vi) Any land owner.
(vii) Any flat owner.
(viii) Apprentice Lawyer.

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