Salesmanship for Professional and Personal Growth training centre in Bangladesh


Salesmanship for Professional and Personal Growth

  • Date : 28 - 29 October 2022
  • Duration : Day(3.00 PM-6.00 PM)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 2 Sessions
  • Class Schedule : Friday & Saturday
  • Total Hours : 6
  • Last Date of Registration : 26 October, 2022 ( within 5pm )
  • Venue : Online Virtual
  • Certificate will be provied within 10 working days after successfully completion of the training


Most of us struggling to get the desires success/growth in Processional life though we are putting highest efforts in Job Role; this is happening as we don`t know the manual of success; we have lack of awareness how things happen and how to snatch the success in professional and personal life by putting the right approach in timely manner. After completing this workshop/training, the participant would know the appropriate style and methods, which helps to be sales champion. It will unchain the hidden competencies, which eventually help to work in a team by delivering the best results. In this training, we also give focus on clear Communication Skills, Positive Attitude, Will Power, Secret of Success, Thinking Patterns, How Behavior make the difference, how to use the PR to widen the boundary of life by using the digital tools & Importance of Physical and Mental health to bring the success.

Concisely it is a package of Salesmanship; through which participants will bring the success in professional and personal life.


Live class via Zoom

Contents of Training:

SNOW Roller: Alignment

A.The History of Lack Behind and Way Forward to Success

 Story- Unchain the Inner Power (Tiger).
 Pattern of Thought.
 Inner Conflict.
 Five Sure Shots of Failure in Career.
 Characteristics of a Loser.
 Darkness/Smokes in Belief.
 Identify Historical Circle- the Elephant, Revolution of Mankind, Who is the Culprit.
 Be your own Creator-Stronger the belief, The Game Changers.
 Stop Giving Excuses- No more blame; take the charge and make your own world.

2. Sales Confidence : A. CYCLE of Development.
B. Powerful Communication: How We Appear: How We Act.

C. Build Rapport :
 Rapport Rule.
 Attention Getters: Compliment, Ask a question, Referral/Reference.
 Credibility Statement: General Benefits, Specific Results.
 Exercise
 Buyer`s point of view.

D. General Interest
 Uncover and Appeal to buyer interests.
 Listening Levels.
 Create Power Questions- Open Ended and Close Ended Questions (Exercise).
 Questioning Model (Exercise).
 Purpose of Question (Exercise).
 Widen the buyer expectation Gap.
 Interest Rule.
 Interest Areas.
 Buyers Category.

E. Provide Solutions
 Solution Rules.
 What Buyers Want to Know?
 Solution Building Blocks.
 Develop Unique Solution to each buyer.
 Appeal to logic and emotions.
 Present Persuasive, convincing solutions.
 Dramatize Solutions.

Post Break Snow Roller: Game

3. Professional and Personal Excellence

A. Laws of Career Success
(a) There is no shortcut.
(b) Expect the Unexpected.
(c) Do not take things personally.
(d) The Boss is Always Right.
(e) Be a Lifelong Learner.

B. Communication
(a) GAME-Chinese Whisper.
(b) Why Misunderstanding?
(c) Blockage in Relationship.
(d) “U” Point of View/Put Your Leg in Others Shoes (Picture/Exercise)
(e) People Management in Professional and Personal Life
(f) Boss Management.
(g) Stake Holder Management.
(h) Be a Team Player (Video)/ Keep the Spotlight on “U”
(i) Ask, Listen and Clarify

C. Widen the Boundary ( PR Management)
(a) Left & Right Techniques
(b) Use Facebook, LinkedIn and Different Groups for “U”
(c) The Manual
(d) Be Player not the Audience

D. CV Writing & Interview Tips : Let the Job Follow “U”
(a) You are seeking Job but HR not getting you!
(b) Catch Attention in CV (Example).
(c) Win the Fear-Play with Employer.
(d) Look @ the Horizon

4. Let`s Start a New Chapter

E. Stress & Time Management
(a) Ball Game of Fear
(b) Importance, Emergency & Chaos

F. Science of Living & Sharpen the Saw
(a) Look @ You
(b) Sharpen the Habits (B.L)
(c) Law of Natural Return

G. Ending With Focus Points & New Hope
(a) Unchain Your hidden Power
(b) Five Year Game
(c) Face out Plan
(d) Be a Brand (“U”)

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This program will help the participants of any professions to understand the manual of success and techniques of grab it. It will also help them to be more result driven, action oriented and to be more positive and grateful about what they have in their lives. In a brief it will make the participants more SMART Thinker & SMART Creator of own life.

Resource Person

Mohammad Monerul Islam

Influential Sales Professional

Professionals with over 13 years of experience in different wings of sales and services in both local and multinational industries in Bangladesh and Thailand such as; Bank, Telecommunications and Paper and pulp industries-Monerul is known as a trend setter and influential sales professional for his result driven attitude to cross the previous records performance.

Monerul has an extensive expertise on; Enterprise Business, National Credit Card Sales Management, National SME Business Management, SOHO and HVC Lead, Client and Portfolio Management of B2B and B2C, Credit and Risk Management, Agency, Distributor and Stake Holder Management, Business Development, Churn and Customer Retention, Training and Development.

Monerul has started his career with Grameen Phone Limited in 2006 as a Relationship Manager then moved to Advance Agro Co., Ltd. (Double A), Thailand as an Assist to CEO of South Asia Cluster & Country Representative. In 2007, he again joined to Grameen Phone as Key Account Manager. In 2008, he moved to Banglalink, where he worked as a SME Channel Manager for 5 years. In 2013, he moved to Robi Axiata Limited as a SME Business Manager, within 2 years he has been promoted as a General Manager, SME Business to look after the national SME business. By ensuring the CMS and RMS growth, he has decided to move to another industry to widen the horizon of learning and experience. By aiming this, he worked in The City Bank Limited as a Head of Sales for AMEX brand. Again he joined in Enterprise business of ROBI as a General Manager, SME Business aiming ensure the digital transformation of SME clients and holding the first position in solution business.

Monerul is the certified Sales trainer of IFC (International Financial Corporation). He has participated in various training and workshop in Bangladesh and Foreign Institutes. Mr. Monerul has conducted various training programs on behalf of different Organizations. He has involved in sales consultancy with different startup companies. Such as; Bank Compare BD, Sheba xyz & I-Farmer. He is also a National advisor of Sales Leaders of Bangladesh (19K Member) and Sales Ambassador of Bangladesh.

Live class via Zoom

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