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We all understand the importance of evaluating performance of the people in an organization. We have different approaches to do that. KRA & KPI bases appraisal method is one of them. It is very similar or almost the same as MBOs (Management By Objectives) method. Management By Objectives (MBOs) is a concept developed by Peter Drucker in his 1954 book The Practice of Management (Drucker, 2006). This method is results oriented and similar to the work standards approach, with a few differences. This is session is designed to make us more clear about the method and how easily we can apply this to our workplaces.


1. Power point presentation
2. Games / Simulations
3. Case study
4. Assessment tools
5. Group discussion
6. Lecture
7. Open discussion

Contents of Training:

1. Methods of performance evaluation
2. Understanding the basics of appraisal method
3. Essential Elements of KRA & KPI
4. Creating basement of KRA & KPI
5. KRA & KPI Format prepare for user level
6. Guidebook prepare for users
7. Disseminating formats and guidelines
8. Setting KRA & KPIs at individual level
9. Data collection and verification
10. Follow up, monitoring and HR responsibilities
11. Considerations on KRA & KPI evaluation
By the end of the session -
• You will be able to set KRA / KPI for yourself and others more confidently
• You will be able to implement MBO method into your organization smoothly
• Your understanding towards performance evaluation will be better
• Your existing practice of employee performance evaluation process will be improved

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