Advanced & Appraisal of merchandising in Garments Industry training centre in Bangladesh


Advanced & Appraisal of merchandising in Garments Industry

  • Date : 07 - 08 October 2022
  • Duration : Evening(7:30 pm-10:30 pm)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 2 Sessions
  • Class Schedule : Friday & Saturday
  • Total Hours : 6
  • Last Date of Registration : 6 October, 2022 ( within 5pm )
  • Venue : Online Virtual
  • Training certificate will be provided within 10 working days after completion of training successfully.


Advanced of your merchandising career with in this intensive training on Apparel Merchandising. Join the industry experts as they share their deep insights into what makes for successful merchandising. Engage in interactive exercises, hands-on practical examples and real life case studies. Above all have fun discovering the secrets of great effect on merchandising life.


Live screen sharing, Q/A session

Contents of Training:

DAY 01:
1st Module: Understanding of your Customer
—How to do better approach of the customer, initially that you should need to know about your customer objectives.

2nd Module: Tech Pack/style Analysis
—Understanding all the details of the customer, evaluating the requirements & review of the correct information.

3rd Module: Costing
—The importance of consumption & costing and also the analysis of parameters evaluation.

4th Module: T&A
— Based on Critical Path and analysis a time and action calendar based on a cross section of order execution considering the different variables.

DAY 02:
** Based on the case studies on the 1st day to discuss the results of the review analysis..

5th Module: Analysis of Garments
- Reviewing and analysis how to evaluate a garment in terms of tech pack or style.

6th Module: Analysis of Raw Material Management
** Sourcing , Approval, Ordering, Testing method , Inspection criteria , quality & color management and submissions.

7th Module: Preparation of production Process
- Preparation of production, File handover, Pre-production Meeting arrangement.

8th Module: Production Process
--Production Monitoring, Quality Standard, Inspection Level Maintain.

8th Module: Post Production Analysis.
--Post Costing Review Evaluation, Quality feedback, Customer Product Performance feedback.

Conclusion /assessment.

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Young Working professionals who want to improve their merchandising skills, should be able to communicate clearly in English.

Resource Person

Md.Mahbub-Ul Islam

RMG Consultant & Researcher

Md.Mahbub-Ul Islam is the RMG Consultant & Researcher in apparel sector in Bangladesh. Long time he is working reputed manufacturing & buying company in Bangladesh .He worked senior position in Ha-Meem group, Dekko group & Epic group & Sparrow & MBI group in Merchandising department around 10 years.
Md.Mahbub-Ul Islam holds a BBA, MBA from Northern University. He also part qualified CMA from The Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Bangladesh (ICMAB).
He also consultant & love to write various garment & textile article publish in his own website( He is the founder & editor in chief in this website & many professional & non professional people learn from this website national & internationally. He delivering effective & efficiently all types of garment & textile article & teach to skill & un-skill people in RMG sector.

Live screen sharing, Q/A session

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