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Company Registration Process: Legal Formalities


This training shall provide the details process on the registration of a company in Bangladesh. The new entrepreneurs, service holders, experienced businessmen, start-up businessmen, lawyers, academicians etc. face the problem of the incorporation system of any company in Bangladesh. Whenever an entrepreneur starts a business, he/she needs the basic knowledge about the registration of a company, firm, proprietorship etc. After that the employees of any company must need the basic company laws for the proper maintenance of the company.
The basic idea like shares, authorized capital, paid-up capital or share capital, directors, meeting minute, AGM,EGM, Return, charge creation, winding-up etc. are very important for any person related to the company.
For dealing the business matters in proper way, we need to have good knowledge of company laws and practices. It is most important not only for the employees but also for the employers of all types of institutions and organizations.
Our corporate sector is largely engaging with the business transaction with other countries of the world. In this regard, the transaction largely demands and requires good knowledge on company laws.
Thus, this workshop is arranged to provide the practical knowledge about the incorporation of any company in Bangladesh and in-depth knowledge on the company law of Bangladesh as well as other countries of the world.

The specific objectives of the training course are:

* To acquire the theoretical as well as practical knowledge on the Company Laws.
* To be acquainted with the fundamental, essential and relevant laws, rules, regulations, customs, cases etc. on this subject.
* To know the registration process of any company in Bangladesh.
* To learn the fundamental legal compliance on maintenance of a company.

How participants will be benefited after the course:

* Participants will learn the fundamental rules and provisions of company laws.
* Participants will be able to protect their business from any loss due to unknown of any legal matters and compliance with Company law.
* Participants will be able to reduce the unnecessary legal costs in their business transactions.
* Participants will also be able to protect their national interest as well as contribute to the economy of our Country.


PowerPoint Presentation, Practical drafting, Group Discussion, Question and Answer, Case Study.

Contents of Training:

First Session

1. Company definition, company Laws.
2. Artificial person status of company.
3. Perpetual succession.
4. Concept of Corporate veil.
5. Share
6. Debenture
7. Types of company
- Limited by Share
- Limited by guarantee
- Limited by unlimited liability
- Private company
- Public company
- Foreign company
- Trade organization
- Society

Registration Process:

1. Name clearance
2. Memorandum of Association
3. Articles of Association
4. Amendment of Memorandum and Article of Association
5. Forms for registration of a Company
6. Fees and stamps
7. Certificate of incorporation
8. Chairman
9. Qualification and disqualification of chairman
10. Director
11. Qualification and disqualification of directors
12. Managing director
13. Qualification and disqualification of Managing Director
14. Qualification share
15. Seal of the company
16. Registrar of Joint Stock Companies (RJSC)
17. Share distribution
18. Return submission

Winding up

1. Voluntary winding up
2. Members voluntary winding up
3. Creditors voluntary winding up
4. Winding up by the Court
5. Winding up subject to supervision of the Court
6. Official liquidator
7. Asset valuation
8. Struck off

Post registration activities

- Trade license
- Tax Identification Number
- Business Tax Identification Number
- Intellectual property registration
- Patent
- Copyright
- Design
- Export Registration Certificate
- Import Registration Certificate
- Fire license

Foreign company registration

- Foreign investment defined
- Involvement of Board of Investment
- Involvement of Bangladesh Bank
- Role of RJSC in foreign company
- Process of registering foreign companies

Second Session

1. The drafting of the essential Notice, Minutes, Extract etc. of corporate meeting (Board Meeting, AGM, EGM, Special Meeting, Certification etc.) (Practical).
2. The drafting of the essential Corporate Agreements (Practical).
3. How to draft an ideal Corporate Agreement with standard features (Practical).
4. The drafting of the Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association etc. (Practical).
5. Real life and practical problem based solution on corporate matter
6. Question and Answer on the Second session.

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