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Public Procurement- PPA2006, PPR-2008 and e-GP


The course Public Procurement under PPA2006, PPR-2008 and e-GP is designed and articulated to sharpen participant`s knowledge and skills in doing Tender business efficiently and successfully. Step by step process and procedures have been described as participants can gather knowledge easily and implement the training result in the real life business. This course is planned carefully that participants can be knowledgeable about PPA2006,PPR-2008 and e-GP and supply the right Items to Government smoothly and efficiently in right time.
In PPA 2006`procurement` means the purchasing or hiring of goods, or acquisition of goods through purchasing and hiring, and the execution of works and performance of services by any contractual means. In this Act ,this definition is defined for Public Procurement. Procurement means procurement using public funds. Basically this procurement is done by government.
The following Act, passed by the Parliament, received the assent of the President on 22 Ashar 1413 corresponding to 6 July 2006 and is hereby published for the information of the general public:- Act No. 24 of 2006An Act to provide for procedures to be followed for ensuring transparency and accountability in the procurement of goods, works or services using public funds and ensuring equitable treatment and free and fair competition among all persons wishing to participate in such procurement including the matters incidental theretoWhereas it is expedient and necessary to provide for procedures to be followed for ensuring transparency and accountability in the procurement of goods, works or services using public funds, and ensuring equal treatment and free and fair competition among all persons wishing to participate in such procurement including the matters incidental thereto;
PPR-2008 is established to do all procurement activities in a structured way .
Objectives of the PPR 2008 are to promote:
 Efficiency;
 Best value for money;
 Competition among Tenderers;
 Fair and equal treatment to Tenderers
 Transparency in the implementation of procurement;
 Accountability.

In PPR-2008 also procurement is defined as “Procurement is the purchasing, hiring or obtaining of goods, works and services by any contractual means.”
The CPTU (Central Procurement Technical Unit) is a permanent institution of the government, funded under the revenue budget and established for carrying out the purposes of Section 67 of PPA2006 which states as follows:
In Section 67: For carrying out the purposes of the Act, the Government shall, through a Central Procurement Technical Unit or any other unit established by it relating to procurement monitoring, coordination and management, perform the following responsibilities, namely -
a. Providing for monitoring compliance with and implementation of this Act through the authority as designated by the Government
b. Arranging for performance of the necessary functions and responsibilities incidental thereto, through the authority as designated by the government and
c. Performing any other responsibilities as prescribed.
Then the Public Procurement Rules-2008 prescribed the additional responsibility to CPTU related all Public Procurement.

e-Government procurement (e-GP) as the collaborative use of Information and communications Technology (especially the Internet) by government agencies and other actors of procurement community in conducting all activities of Government Procurement Process Cycle (GPPC) for the acquisition of goods, works, and consultancy services with enhanced efficiency in procurement management.
e-GP System is a web based system which encompasses the total procurement lifecycle and records the all procurement activities. The purpose of this system is to maintain complete and up-to-date Public Procurement System activities of all public agencies as well as provide tender opportunities to all potential tenderers from Bangladesh and abroad.
The vision of the e-GP is to enhance the efficiency and transparency in public procurement through the implementation of a comprehensive e-GP solution to be used by all government organizations in the country.

# Explain the main objectives PPA2006, PPR2008 and e-GP in the case of Public Procurement
# It aims to provide participants foundational and advanced knowledge on how to tackle, resolve, and participate in tendering business.
# To manage myriad complex problems and issues that confront Tenderer / Supplier.
# The purpose of the course is to recognize the right and complete process and procedure of Tender Submission and maintain the PPA and PPR
# Strengthening the Capacity of the professional involves in Public procurement as they can find out GAP, minimize cost and error thus they can be Tender winner.
# Manage conflict and dispute in Tendering business and satisfy the Procuring entity.
# Manage Tendering formalities of Items(Goods, Works &Services) under Public Procurement and satisfy the Procuring Entity.


Lecture & discussion, Power Point Presentation, Peer learning, Group work and presentation, Experience sharing, Role play,Buzz and simulation games, Case study exercises, Video clip

Contents of Training:

-Introduction of Public Procurement

-Explanation of CPTU, Procuring Entity, HOPE,ITT, IFT, TDS, GCC, PCC, PPA, TEC, NOA, Debarment, Review panel etc.

-Review of PPA-2006

-Review of PPR-2008

-Review of eGP(e-Tendering)

- Practical session on Standard Tender Document (National) For Procurement of Goods
(Open Tendering Method / Limited Tendering Method)

-Instructions to Tenderers (ITT)

-Tender Data Sheet (TDS)

-General Conditions of Contract (GCC)

-Particular Conditions of Contract (PCC)

- Tender & Contract Forms

-Schedule of Requirements

-Technical Specifications

-Tender Preparation
 Only One Tender
 Issuance, Sale and Language of Tender Documents
 Contents of Tender
 Tender Submission Letter and Price Schedule
 Tender Prices
 Tender Currency
 Documents Establishing Eligibility and Qualification of Tenderer
 Documents Establishing the Conformity of the Goods
 Validity Period of Tender and its Extension
 Tender Security
 Learning Check


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