Import-Export and C&F Agent & Commission agent training centre in Bangladesh


Import-Export and C&F Agent & Commission agent

  • Date : 28 September - 17 October 2022
  • Duration : Evening(7.30 PM-10.30 PM)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 6 Session
  • Class Schedule : Monday & Wednesday
  • Total Hours : 18
  • Last Date of Registration : 27 September, 2022 ( within 5pm )
  • Venue : Online Virtual
  • Training certificate will be provided within 10 working days after completion of training successfully.


The main objective of the training program is to provide practical knowledge to highlight the Required Documents & Customs Process of Import-Export.

Business License, Registration, Permission, Certificate, and various documents are always required to do any business including Export-Import in Bangladesh. There are various Government and private organizations that provide Licenses and Certificates to the business starters. But there are procedures and a lot of systemic steps are involved to get Business License, Registration, Permission, Certificates & other related documents.

Highlight the C&F Agent and Indenting Business of Bangladesh. The main growing sectors of Bangladesh are Garments, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Leather, Ceramics, and Plastics, Steel, Shipbuilding and many other industries.


Exercise, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

Day -1

1. Export-Import business License
2. License/certificates issuing authorities
3. Potential Importable items
4. Potential Exportable items
5. Sourcing Process of Buyers
6. Without L/C Import
7. Sourcing Process of Sellers
8. Import Procedure & required documents
9. SWIFT Code & H.S Code
10. Customs Tax Calculation
11.Questions & Answers Session

Day -2

12.Export Procedure & required documents
13.Payment methods of International Trade
14.Customs Duties and Taxes for Export
15. Calculation of Costing of Import
16. Calculation of Costing of Export
17. Cost minimize for Import Business
18.Cost minimize Export Business
19. Cash incentive for export items
20. GSP / REX Certificate
21. Shipping Process
22. GSP Certificate & PRC
23.Questions & Answers Session

Day -3

24. Bill of Exchange & Bill of Entry
25. Correct of H.S code and its importance
26. Certificate of Origin (CO) & Certificate of Analysis
27. Government Rules & Regulation
28. How to open L/C & Advantages of L/C
29. Insurance Policy & Insurance Cover Note
29. Payment method by LC
30. Export Tax / Tariff
31.Questions & Answers Session

Day -4

32. T/T Payment
33. Concept on L/C
34. Customs & Port charges
35. Export Facilities / Cash Incentive
36. Insurance Risks
37. Risk of payment
38. Customs Formalities
39.Import Tax, VAT, the Duty Calculation process
40.Questions & Answers Session

Day -5

41.Concept on Commission Agent Business
42. Items for Commission Agent Business in Bangladesh
43. How to Prepare /Pro forma Invoice/Sales Contract
44. Documents and Commission Agent Business
45. Indenting Registration Certificate (IRC)
46. Agreement with Supplier
47. Agreement with Buyers
48. Commission on Buying House Business
49. Commission of Indenting Business
50. Landing cost calculation
51. Questions & Answers

Day -6

52. Responsibilities of C&F Agent
53. Documents for C&F Agent Business
54. Dealing with Customs
55. Customs Documents
56. C&F Agent Commission
57. Dealing with C&F Agent
58. List of Shipping Documents
59. Sea Freight Calculation
60. Air Freight Charge Calculation
61. Customs Duty, Tax, VAT Calculation
62. Questions & Answers

Introduction of other reference books Certificate Distribution

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Resource Person

Md. Delwar Hossain Bhuiyan

Managing Director

Having achieved masters degree from University of Dhaka in 1991, Mr. Bhuiyan started his career with an international trading company and worked for LG Corporation, Korea, Sumitomo Corporation, Singapore, Mitsui Corporation, Mitsubishi Corp. Japan, Hyundai Corporation, Singapore at later stage of his life.
Mr Delwar Hossain has established his own consulting firm, Desh Consulting Ltd, and providing professional solutions in Banking, Marketing, Commercial, Documentation, Customs procedures, Shipping procedures, International Trade, E-tender, L/C, Indenting Business, C & F Agent Business, Project Profiling, Buying House and Export- Import Business.

He has trained over 10,000 new entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners, technical and management experts and still counting in.
He attended many trainings and seminars on international business and got experience in import, export, indenting and international tender business. He participated in many international tender with PDB, REB, DESA, WASA, DGDP and Biman Bangladesh Airlines. He has been with international business for about 20 years, where he deals with Banks, Insurance, Inspection Co., Customs Authority, C&F agents, DCCI, BIAA, BOI, EPB and others business related organizations.

Exercise, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and answer session.

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