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KPI based Performance Appraisal and Reporting Techniques


“Profit” is the one simple word that a business understands well. No matter what, maximizing profit is the ultimate objective of any company or business. And behind this simple and single most important objective, Human Capital is the key that brings the success of the business. Success, not all the time business can ensure rather there are so many points where business meets failure. In the business perspective Human Capital or Human Resources or in a simplified way, people connected to the performance of the business need to be monitored, evaluated, and go for improvements as like as profit. The idea of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is what it meant for the people of the business to keep monitored, evaluated, and rightly addressed for the improvements or more specifically continuous improvements. Managing Human Resources, like Divisional or Departmental Heads and down the line Managers, Supervisors to the bottom line of an organization is the crucial part as deals with employee performance which ultimately has a huge impact on evaluation, rewards, and employee satisfaction as well as motivation. Aligning all these crucial factors, KPI is the single term, is the simplest key to handle the Managerial role in a more realistic and efficient way meeting up all the course of action required as the Line Manager/Supervisor/HoD/Director. This workshop will facilitate the participants to know in detail about KPIs, it’s importance, how to set KPIs, what are the parameters, and how to rank or point in real business scenarios.


Online Presentation, Interactive

Contents of Training:

- Conducting an effective performance appraisal based on KPIs
- How you can set a pathway to monitor and improve the performance of employees on a continuous basis simply using the KPI Techniques
- Let your employee know his/her strengths and areas that need improvement
- Allows employees to take responsibility for their performance taking ownership of the job
- Let your employees know what is expected of them; creates mutual understanding of job duties
- KPI based Performance Appraisal: Common Pitfalls & Recommended Solutions
- What is the most important ingredient in setting KPIs?
- The personnel management cycle in managing human resources using KPI techniques
- Key Result Areas (KRAs) and how it is connected to KPIs.
- S.M.A.R.T Techniques in setting KPIs.
- How smartly you can convert Job Descriptions into KPIs.
- Key Steps in the KPI process
- The Four perspectives in KPI Detailing
- How to Set KPI Targets: 9 Steps To Drive Results
- KPIs monitoring sheet: How to prepare and keep track of achievements
- Weighted Average Method in KPIs: implications and how to rank using weighted average
- How to use KPI points in performance improvement, organizational development, and training

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• Head of the Divisions/Departments/ Line Managers / Supervisors, Directors, CEO and Business Executives
• Anyone who is involved in reporting: Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing / Production Managers, Compensation & Benefits / Training / HR Professionals, Administrative Managers, Accountants, Supply Chain / Procurement / Store / Warehouse Managers, Auditors, Professors, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Project coordinators, project and construction managers, bankers, financial analysts, market researchers, Business and Management Analysts
• Professionals seeking advancement to managerial position

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